The RROY (Idol) Report for 8.10.10

Okay, here goes.  Your RROY idol doin’ his stuff.  For those of you who voted for me, all I can say is… WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?  I don’t go to movies and I don’t read comic books, but somehow you decided that I should fill in for the infamous Rodney Roy.  That’s right, the Boy Reporter that all through High School his articles were the only ones that anyone ever read.  He’s witty, funny, and optimistic.  Well, he’s funny, anyway. 

As Roy mentioned, we have been friends longer than either one of us can really remember.  Long enough to know that I usually had someone else do these types of reports.  I was too busy sleeping through Advanced Biology (after all it was after lunch) or I was scheming up various ways to get out of class. 

With high school in mind, I did have the pleasure to attend the 30 year reunion of my high school graduation.  That’s right, 30 years means we are getting old.  But age has been kind to the class of 1980.  There were approximately 30 classmates gathered at the request of Todd Clayton.  Todd worked hard to keep things lively and fun for our group.  I very much enjoyed talking to everyone about the “good ole’ days” at Stockton.  Todd invited one surprise guest.  Kevin Caudle made the trip from West Virginia, where to everyone’s surprise he is an FBI agent.  For those of you who don’t know, Kevin left Stockton when we were in 7th grade.  He was famous in 7th grade football for a play that was specifically designed for Kevin.  The ‘Caudle Special’ was a guard around pass play that was retired after Kevin moved to Ava. 

I really did enjoy seeing my classmates.  For many of us that do not live in Stockton any longer, get-togethers like this are really something to look forward to.  I enjoyed embellishing about sports plays that only a handful of us even remember – and we definitely had our own versions – but mostly I just enjoyed going around the room and catching up with old acquaintances.  I enjoyed learning about their families, jobs, and their lives in general.

Although it was over 30 years since I have seen some of them, I still consider every person in the room a friend.  Friends that I can count on and friends that I can share both good and bad times.  We are blessed to have grown up in the small town of Stockton.   Many of the conversations drifted to the tornado and how the town looks so different than it did when we grew up there, but as the class of 1980 has changed, so had our town.   Stockton has changed, but it is still a place for us to come back to and call home.

Chism out…


2 responses to “The RROY (Idol) Report for 8.10.10

  1. Good job, Jay. Our class is planning on our 35th reunion over the Walnut Festival weekend. I, too, look forward to seeing old friends.

  2. I hope to never see any of you people again.

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