Jim Parsons Was Not Robbed

After last week I planned on taking most of this week off, but then I remembered that last year I chastised the Emmy people for not giving Jim Parsons a trophy for his excellent work on “The Big Bang Theory,” and they rectified that mistake last night, so I figure I should give them props for doing the right thing.

I don’t normally watch the Emmys, in fact I had to go to YouTube to see Parsons’ win when I read about it on the Internet. I’m not a fan of awards shows and I really lost interest in the Emmys when they started giving them to all the shows on premium cable, which I don’t have (I understand this isn’t just my problem and that Emmy ratings have been dropping because of it).

Discovery Channel was airing a show on what killed the dinosaurs, so I bounced back and forth. Random thoughts:

* Glad to see the “Modern Family” wins.

* Glad to see “Lost” lost.

* Should probably watch “Mad Men,” as I do get AMC, but it’s hard to start something in its fourth season. And isn’t it all about ad scum?

* Glad to see “Glee” lost, except for the wonderful Jane Lynch who deserved her win.

* Glad to see another win for “The Daily Show,” although like many people I figured they would give it to Conan. Stewart deserved an award just for his Glenn Beck episode.

* Enjoyed the opening skit (which I caught on YouTube) and the musical tribute to ’24’ and ‘Lost.’ Thought Fallon did a decent job overall.

* The best part of the dinosaur documentary is at the very end where there’s a T-Rex, a Triceratops and an Ankylosaur and they are like the last dinosaurs standing and the T-Rex kills the T-Top and then kills the Anky, but after that he’s too weak and he stumbles and falls on the T-Top and is impaled in the neck by one of its horns. Awesome.

* I don’t know who was singing that song about having a hole in your heart where your dead uncle was, but I had to turn off the sound. Please stop using singers during the In Memoriam segment.

* Glad to see the Temple Grandin movie win so many awards, as it was the only TV movie I saw last year. Thank you, free HBO weekend.

* There’s a category for Outstanding Reality Show? Isn’t that an oxymoron?
* Ted Danson: Lose the facial hair.

One response to “Jim Parsons Was Not Robbed

  1. I did not watch the show, but I understand the “In Memoriam” song was performed by Jewel.

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