What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars X

Welcome to part 10 in our 12-part series, “What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars?” As always, “What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars” is brought to you by the Finleys, who gave me the “Marvel Comics 70th Anniversary Calendar,” and Ms. O’Brien, who gave me the “Women of Marvel Calendar.”

Let’s see what’s lined up for October, traditionally the monster month.


What? Again? I complained earlier about repeating characters in the Marvel 70 calendar. It’s Halloween month — why not give it to Morbius the Living Vampire? Or Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night? Or Blade the Vampire Hunter? Or even Fin Fang Foom — the Marvel version of Godzilla?

I mean, I love HULK, and he is considered by many to be a monster and therefore appropriate for the month. But he had his month back in April, and last year all I had was a HULK calendar which consisted of 10 months of HULK and 2 months of The Abomination. I need a break from the HULKster.


Yeah, I can see this. Spiders are icky and often used in Halloween decorations.

There have been a variety of Spiderwomen over the years. The first and most important would be Jessica Drew, who made her comics debut in 1977. Her origin story is a convoluted mess that has something to do with her being evolved from a spider or injected with irradiated spider blood serum or her pregnant mother being zapped by a ray full of spider DNA. Or so Wikipedia says. I have The Essential Spider-Woman but can’t really remember much of the plots. I remember she whined a lot, but that’s typical of Marvel heroes.

Her original comic ran 50 issues then she fell into comic book limbo for some years. She recently made a comeback and is currently running around with The Avengers. She had her own cartoon briefly in the ’70s but hasn’t made many appearances in other media.


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