My Bodies Lie Over the Galleria

Ah, I see once again someone has taken dead bodies, chopped them up, filled them with preservatives, formed them in a variety of poses and put them on display for profit.

And this time they’re doing it at a shopping mall.

“Bodies the Exhibition” opens today at the Saint Louis Galleria. Oh, Galleria. I used to love you and now look at you.

The Galleria used to be my favorite shopping center in St. Louis. And all due to one shop: The Warner Brothers Studio Store. How I loved that store. Oh, the money I spent at that store. Oh, the hours I wasted admiring it’s animation and comic art gallery. Oh, the money I spent. The Looney Tunes sweatshirts, the Superman Christmas ornament, the Batman miniatures…  But it wasn’t all just for me. I bought many a wedding gift and baby gift at that place.

And then it closed. And I never went to the Galleria again. I hear it’s fallen on hard times lately, which is the only reason I can think of why they would allow someone to bring dead bodies inside and display them. I wonder how many are in the food court.

There’s some controversy over this particular display because of where the bodies came from and whether or not the bodies gave permission to be put on display but that doesn’t matter to me. My position on this is the same as it was when a similar exhibit came to the Science Center a while back. It’s disgusting.

I have no problem with using dead bodies for medical and scientific research and medical school. But putting them on display for profit? That’s just wrong, I don’t care what kind of “educational” spin you put on it.

In conclusion, let me just repeat what I said the last time this came up:

The RROY REPORT for 10.28.07

Since the dawn of man, philosophers and college students have debated the eternal question: Is man inherently good or inherently evil? Those on the evil side generally point to three obvious examples:

1. The Inquisition

2. The Holocaust

3. BodyWorlds 3, now on exhibit at the St. Louis Science Center.

For the uninformed, here’s the deal: In 1977, Gunther von Hagens invented Plastination, a means of preserving specimens by replacing their bodily fluids with plastic. Some sick puppy thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great to use this process to create an exhibit?’ which lead to Body Worlds, featuring “about 200 authentic human specimens, including whole-bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices.” Note the quote marks — this is not me exaggerating, that’s direct from their website. That’s right, they’re slicing up body parts for your enjoyment.

Now strangely, there’s some controversy about Body Worlds, but I just don’t see it. Is it art? Of course it is, if your art instructor was Josef Mengele. Is it educational? Of course it is, if your biology instructor was Josef Mengele. People, this is precisely why your father and grandfather and brother-in-law fought World War II. To prevent crap like this from happening.

Nazi 1: “Mein Fuhrer, the bodies are really piling up. We can’t incinerate them fast enough.”

Crazy Nazi: “Here’s an idea. Let’s take the bodies and fill them with plastic and put them on display in museums. We’ll charge people admission to look at them. And tell them it’s educational. Or art.”

Nazi 1: “That’s crazy. Nobody would fall for that.”

Crazy Nazi: “Maybe not today, but maybe in 50 years.”

Nazi 1: “You’re crazy.”

Hitler: “I like it.”

Now some people will tell you there’s no difference between using human corpses for scientific and medical research and taking them out on tour to display in exhibition halls for profit. If you believe that, I don’t see how you can be reading this, because you’re clearly too stupid to be literate.

Here’s the deal: If we sit back and approve of this, do you know what the next step is? Crackers. Oh, and they’ll come up with good excuses for that as well: “We’re running out of food. People are starving. Human corpses taste delicious in cracker form and are a good source of iron.”

And when that day comes, Charlton Heston won’t be around to save us.


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