Eating for a Cause

What are you doing for lunch today?

If you’re not busy, join The Son and I around noon at the Corner Pub and Grill in Chesterfield. We’re going there for two reasons:

1. The Wife is having lunch with her friends and leaving us to fend for ourselves, and I’m kinda tired of peanut butter sandwiches and Krunchers.

2. Today the Corner Pub and Grill is hosting a benefit for The Madison Foundation, a charity which raises money for SIDS and infant death research. A portion of the day’s proceeds will go to benefit the Foundation, which was set up by my friend Julie and her husband Ryan.

The benefit is going on at both Corner Pub locations, Kirkwood and Chesterfield, but I won’t be at the Kirkwood location so you can go there for the cause but not the company. I have not eaten at the Corner Pub before, but I’ve checked out the menu online and it looks pretty tasty. Wide variety. They have wraps, which makes me happy, and they have chicken strips, which will make The Son happy. I’m told I should try the fried pickles, but I don’t see that happening.

You know, there are many things you can do for a cause. You can walk for a cause, give money to a cause, work for a cause, play trivia games for a cause — but eating for a cause? That’s my kind of cause.

More info here:

Hope to see you there. After lunch we may stop off at the Harvest Treasures Carnival at Salem in Ladue United Methodist Church (if we can find it) to see Rachie and Jeff and enjoy all the fun they promised us if we showed up.

So many friends, so many obligations. Is it any wonder I’m a misanthrope?


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