The Ronnie & Ronald Project, Day 32

We got home from the Autism Walk around 1 p.m. which gave us 5 hours to prepare for our party that evening.

At 5:30 it was time to get ice and I figured The Son would need more to eat for the day than 2 hot dogs and a bag of chips, so we stopped at the McDonald’s across from the ice supply shop. No, it’s not the most nutritional dinner but it’s better than beer bread with dip and tiramisu.

The Son had his usual Chicken Selects and I had a cheeseburger (I didn’t want to fill up because I have no problem with beer bread and tiramisu for dinner).

Stuck to our Coke cup were two Monopoly game pieces. McDonald’s still does this? Isn’t this just a big scam? Does anyone ever win the big prizes? Do you know anyone who has won a big prize? Sure, they’ll tell you they have winners, but I’ve never met one. And I know a lot of people who eat at McDonald’s.

I wound up with a free medium fries piece, which I’m sure I’ll use at some point in the project, and a piece for St. James Place. I’ll win $1,000 if I get the other two pieces. No doubt they only made 1 piece for one of them, and it was sent to a McDonald’s in Hawaii.

Of course, if it turns out St. James is the rare piece and you have the other two — I’ll let you have my piece for $900.


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