The Pointless, Worthless List for 10.14.10

Top 10 Castaways to be stuck with on a deserted island

1. Mary Ann

2. Ginger

3. Sun

4. Kate

5. Ana Lucia

6. The Professor

7. Jack

8. Locke

9. Hurley

10. Wilson

Mary Ann is necessary for her expertise with coconut cream pie. I don’t have to justify Ginger to anyone. Sun was the gardener so you’d have fresh veggies. Kate and Ana Lucia are there because there have to be more women than men so that when the inevitable pairing off happens I don’t end up with Wilson.

The Professor you need for obvious reasons. Jack we need for his medical expertise, not his leadership skills. Locke we need for his hunting and survivalist skills and to keep Jack in line. Hurley we need because everybody loves Hurley. And Wilson is important because he always listens and never talks back and you can kick him around and he won’t mind.


One response to “The Pointless, Worthless List for 10.14.10

  1. Great list and reasoning behind it although I’d leave off Ginger and add Libby. She would be less maintainence and it would make Hurley happy and everyone does love Hurley.

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