Not Safe For Anywhere

So I go out to the mailbox, like I have every day for the last two weeks, thinking that the Riverfront Times will have sent me a plaque or trophy to acknowledge my winning the Readers’ Choice for Best Blog in their own annual Best of St. Louis edition.

But nothing.

Then I leaf through the envelopes to see if one has a couple of tickets to the RFT’s Best of St. Louis Bash. After all, you wouldn’t have a Best of St. Louis Bash and not send free tickets to the winners, would you?

But again, nothing.

So then I go out to the mall and pick up this week’s edition of the Riverfront Times. Lo and behold, the cover story is about a local blogger. But is it me? No. It’s some woman who lost her job because she runs some sex site. Hard to believe someone could lose their job in St. Louis — bastion of liberal ideals — because they run a sex blog. Certainly rates a 7-page cover story.

Well, I see where this is going. If nudity and sexy images are what it takes to get your attention RFT — then so be it.  I’m starting up a new segment here at the RROY REPORT. I’m calling it RROY REPORT RAW.

(Some of you might want to avert your eyes. Heck, all of you might want to avert your eyes.)

— You have been warned.



2 responses to “Not Safe For Anywhere

  1. And let us all thank the gods for that which is “temporarily unavailable.”

  2. I dunno. I’m pretty bored.

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