The Pointless, Worthless List for 10.27.10

Top 10 Vampires

1. Dracula

2. Count von Count

3. Angelus (not whiny, broody Angel)

4. Barnabas Collins

5. Lestat (book version, not movie version)

6. Vampirella

7.  Selene

8. Abby

9. Blade

10. Count Chocula


3 responses to “The Pointless, Worthless List for 10.27.10

  1. I love you Ronnie, but you can’t leave out Max Schreck as Nosferatu. The original silent version. Creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy.

    • Nosfer was in the first draft, but he got punted for Kate Beckinsale in black leather. The PWL Committee opted for sexy over creepy. Go figure.

  2. Why isn’t Beckinsdale first?
    This list is bogus for that reason alone.

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