At the Movies: uhhhh

I guess Halloween weekend is not a big movie-going weekend. Either that or everyone in Hollywood is busy picking out costumes for Sunday and just forgot to send out anything.

As a result, the only thing opening in wide release today is “Saw 3D,” which like most horror movies was not screened in advance. And I’m not spending my own dime on a “Saw” movie, especially at inflated 3D prices. Deathtraps hold little appeal to me in 2D, let along coming right at me.

There are some independent films opening but I didn’t see them either, so, ummm, what to do…what to do… I was going to write about TV this week, but I remembered that the new zombie series starts Sunday on AMC and I want to see that so I’ll do the TV stuff next week. 

I got nothing. So, here to fill space is a bonus Pointless, Worthless List:

Top 5 Songs on my Halloween Party Mix

1. Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon

2. Bloodletting, Concrete Blonde

3. Boris the Spider, The Who

4. The Lakeview Man, The Rainmakers

5. Ghost Riders in the Sky, Johnny Cash


One response to “At the Movies: uhhhh

  1. Why should we trust this list after what you did to Kate Beckinsdale and her leather vampire suit?
    Although Zevon at number one is a good start.

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