What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars XI

November is deja vu month at “What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars?” We are now at part 11 in our 12-part series, which means we’re nearing the end. A shame really, as this seems to be one of my more popular segments based on my blog stats.

It surprises me too.


Marvel’s monstrously popular mutants finally show up on the 70th Anniversary Calendar. Unfortunately, instead of giving us some inspirational group shot cover we get this classic Jean-Grey-rips-up-the-logo image from Uncanny X-Men 135.

This is the turning-point issue in the infamous “Dark Phoenix Saga” that pretty much put the X-Men on the comic book map. Prior to this nobody knew who Wolverine was, if you can believe that. Although created by the dynamic duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the X-Men didn’t really catch on in their original run — which is a shame as I personally prefer the original team to the All-Hip, All-New team that replaced them in the ’70s. But I am often out of touch with what the masses among comic nerddom deem popular.

Dark Phoenix

Look — it’s Jean again. I guess the makers of the “Women of Marvel” calendar forgot to check with the “Marvel 70th Anniversary” calendar makers when deciding on a cover girl for November.

Anyway, the highly abbreviated version of the Dark Phoenix story goes like this: Jean Grey, aka Marvel Girl, was one of the original X-Men. One day she dies in a plane crash but is revived by a cosmic mystical force known as the Phoenix. Jean takes the name Phoenix and finds she’s much more powerful than before.

Some evil mutants start messing with her mind and as a result she becomes the evil Dark Phoenix. She flies off into space and blows up a planet full of asparagus people. This pisses off the Alien United Nations and they declare that Phoenix Must Die. The X-Men try to stop it but Jean realizes that she can’t contain the Phoenix power and it will eventually consume her so she has her longtime lover Cyclops blow her to bits with his eye-beams. The Watcher shows up and talks about how sad it is. The End.

Doesn’t sound at all like what you saw in “X-Men 3,” does it?

Of course, this being comics death isn’t really the end. Jean eventually comes back and marries Scott. A few years later she dies again and Scott takes up with that tramp Emma Frost.

Jean should be coming back any day now.





One response to “What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars XI

  1. Oh wow – you managed to sum it up a lot shorter than I did. I’ve always been long-winded though. 🙂 I love the character from the movie – just researched her story in the comic book realm for a recent blog. Didn’t realize she had such a complicated story – or that her story was so popular in the X-Men universe.

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