At the Movies: Megamind


Sickness in the family prevented me from catching “Due Date,” so now I’ll never know just how hilarious a Robert Downey Jr./Zach Galifianakis road-trip comedy can be. At least until it shows up on cable.


2010 has not been a great year for superhero movies. It has, surprisingly, been a decent year for supervillain movies.

Back in July, “Despicable Me” featured an evil genius who undergoes an attitude adjustment thanks to the power of love. “Megamind” tells a similar tale, but it’s different enough and entertaining enough to make it worthwhile.

Borrowing heavily from the origin of Superman, “Megamind” opens with two infants from two neighboring planets being sent to Earth as their home worlds are sucked into a black hole.

One child grows up to be Superman — er — Metro Man (Brad Pitt). Metro Man is handsome, super strong, invulnerable and can fly. The other child becomes Megamind (Will Ferrell) — blue skinned, skinny and with an over-sized cranium.

A childhood of being laughed at and picked on leads Megamind to a life of crime while Metro Man goes on to be the protector of Metro City. Mega and Metro spend the next several years locked in endless combat, as is the way of archenemies.

With the help of his trusty aquatic aide Minion (David Cross), Megamind launches his latest scheme to destroy foe on opening day of the Metro Man Museum. The first step, as always, is kidnapping feisty reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Tiny Fey) for use as a hostage. Then he puts Metro Man in your standard deathtrap.

To everyone’s surprise, Megamind actually manages to kill Metro Man. Mega revels in his success at first, but eventually gets bored. What good is being evil if there’s no good to fight?

“Megamind” is a clever, silly movie that has a lot of fun playing around with the hero/villain dynamic. It’s fairly predictable but has more twists than most kids’ movies. There’s plenty of action and humor as well.

As is usually the case for animated films these days, it’s available in 3D, and it’s pretty good 3D.

Did it work for me? Yes, it was as entertaining as “Despicable Me” but probably won’t take the Oscar away from “Toy Story 3.”



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