The Ronnie & Ronald Project: McRib Edition

The Wife went off to Sunday brunch with her friends to the Lemp Mansion. The Son and I were not invited. In retaliation, we had Sunday brunch at the Big M Supper Club.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave or trapped in a mine, you are aware that the big news in culinary circles is THE McRIB IS BACK! I feel that the return of the McRib at this particular moment in time can only mean one thing: Ronald McDonald reads The Report — and he has it in for me.

Why else would he add yet another item to the menu at the same time I’m trying to eat my way through it?

The McRib first burst onto the McDonald’s menu in 1981. I remember it well because my friend Tom Landers was very excited about it. He was a pig farmer, you see, and figured if McDonald’s was getting into the pork business that was good business for him. I ate my first McRib at his request. It was OK but rather bland. I couldn’t particularly tell that it was pork. The sauce was decent.

I probably had a few more in those early years but eventually went back to the Big Mac. When it was pulled from the menu I shed no tears. I’m a little surprised to learn that it has a following — but since discovering the internet I’ve learned that everything has a following.

So, armed with my “free medium fries” Monopoly piece, I ordered my first McRib in years. The first thing I noticed was it was noticeably smaller than I remembered.

It tasted the same, so I didn’t really care about the size difference.


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