It’s TV Roundup Week, part 1

It’s way past time for my Fall TV roundup, so let’s get on with it already. The good news (if you’re interested in this kind of thing) is that my procrastination caused me to check out more new shows than I would otherwise.

This may take a while, so I’m going to do it in multiple parts that will run until I get tired and stop. Before we get to the new shows, let’s catch up on some other stuff.

You may recall, but probably don’t, that about a year ago I started watching an anime series called “Monster.” It started out decent but I said at the time that it would probably run on too long and get far to complicated for its own good. Boy, was I spot on.

“Monster” was the story of a young but brilliant surgeon who one night has to choose between saving the town mayor or a young boy. He chooses the boy, who turns out to be a psycho killer. The doctor then dedicates his life to stopping Monster boy.

Sounds simple enough, right? And it was pretty straightforward for the first, oh, 10 episodes. But then it kept going and going and taking off on one tangent or another and introducing new characters and then leaving them for 20 episodes then bringing them back and I can’t keep track of who’s who or what’s what.

Here’s how bad it was. I started watching it on the Chiller channel and about halfway through they stopped airing it and it was a couple weeks before I realized it wasn’t showing up on the DVR anymore. I then noticed it was airing on Sci-Fi (I refuse to acknowledge the bogus term “syfy”) so I started up again but it wasn’t at the same spot where I’d quit — not that I could tell anyway — and, oh, I’ve already spent too much time on this. Even Wikipedia couldn’t explain the plot to me.

To sum up: I don’t recommend “Monster.” I think I’m done with anime for a while, maybe forever, unless someone can assure me that the next show I watch is more like “Cowboy Bebop.”

This is also not Fall TV related but I’ve been meaning to bring it up for some time. My new favorite show is “Man vs. Food,” airing pretty much all the time on the Travel Channel. Not sure why this is airing on the Travel Channel and not the Food Network.

I first discovered this show while channel surfing over the summer. It drew me in like no travel or food show had before. The premise is simple: Lovable shmoe Adam Richman travels the country — and beyond — in search of the most bad-for-you-but-oh-so-good food being served. At the end of the show he takes part in a local restaurant’s food challenge — which usually consists of making him eat large quantities of food under a time limit for the glory of a T-shirt.

It’s stupid yet oh, so, compelling. I especially love the way the show revels in the horrible, horrible excesses that so many restaurants indulge in to please their customers. In a world where The Today Show is constantly doing segments titled  “Don’t Eat That — Eat This” and all the experts are telling us that everything is bad for us and we should stop all the eating, well, it’s good that Adam is out there chowing down on 3-pound hamburgers covered in chili and cinnamon rolls the size of hubcaps.

I mean, I wouldn’t eat 95 percent of that crap, but I’m glad that stuff is out there and people are enjoying it.

aaaaannnddd, I’m tired. Come back tomorrow and we’ll start on the new stuff.


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