TV Roundup Week, part 2

If someone had told me months ago that the best new show of fall would be about the zombie apocalypse, I would have said someone had eaten their brains.

Yet that’s where we are. But before we get to the winners, let’s run through the losers — of which there are many.

“Undercovers.” This is the J.J. Abrams show about a beautiful young couple who are spies. It’s no “Alias.” This is a show that looked interesting but it was never on when I was channel surfing and I couldn’t be bothered to make an effort. I finally did last week and it was OK, but nothing worth setting the DVR for. I think it’s been canceled anyway.

“Mike and Molly.” Sitcom about two large people who I guess are dating. I just watched one episode because I heard someone somewhere liked it. I like the leads but didn’t care for the supporting cast. Didn’t find it all that funny.

“$#!+ My Dad Says.” I avoided this show for two reasons. First, they’re calling it “Bleep My Dad Says,” which I find annoying. Either have the courage to call it by its name or change the title. Second, I’m jealous that some guy posts his father’s inane ramblings on the internet and now he has a TV show. What am I doing wrong? Why couldn’t my dad say dumb $#!+?

I finally gave in because of Shatner and he didn’t disappoint. He’s the only good thing about the show. It’s fairly funny when he’s on, not at all when he’s not. That’s not enough for me to keep watching.

“No Ordinary Family.” Out of nerd loyalty I had to check out the show about this family with super powers. It’s not engaging with me. I find the kids slightly more interesting than the adults, but the bit about the boy using his genius powers to become a great football player was bogus. I get that he used his super smarts to figure out where to throw the ball, but super smarts wouldn’t give him the strength or skill to throw a football far down field with any accuracy. (It’s the little things that bother me). Still watching, but not closely.

“Hawaii Five-O.” The other show that I’m still watching while putzing on the Macbook. A perfectly solid cop show, I just don’t care much for cop shows. I like the cast — Scott Caan is entertaining, needs more Grace Park in bikini.

Thursday: The three shows I’m sticking with.


4 responses to “TV Roundup Week, part 2

  1. $#!+ My Dad Says is on after Big Bang Theory, so I’ve watched it a couple of times. If it were on any other time for me, I would most likely not give it a moment’s notice, even though the opening theme is a Ben Folds tune. Have you ever watched Psych on USA? It’s well written and acted and very funny. It’s about a private dective who pretends to be a psychic for reasons I won’t get into.

  2. You should stick with Mike and Molly. I agree that the two guy supports are weak, but the mom and the sister are hilarious. Some day you’ll have to ask Melfy and me about our favorite line from the sister.

  3. I totally agree with Stevie about Mike and Molly. It grows on you.

  4. Mike and Molly is so hilarious. It has made me laugh more than the Office this season. I’m so disappointed with the Office.

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