The Pointless, Worthless List for 11.11.10

Top 3 New TV Shows of the Fall Season

(Did you see what I did there? I combined our newest feature with the conclusion of the Fall TV Roundup. Clever, eh? They don’t just give blogs to any stooge with a computer.)

1. The Walking Dead

I’m not a big fan of horror in general and zombies in particular, so I’m surprised at how compelling I’m finding this saga about life in the zombie apocalypse.

A lawman wakes up in a deserted hospital and finds the landscape littered with corpses — some of which aren’t taking death lying down. He hooks up with a man and his son and — in typical annoying TV fashion — doesn’t bother to ask any of the basic questions, like: What’s Going On? Why do I see dead people, and they’re walking around? How did this happen?

Anyway, he stocks up on guns and goes off to find his wife and son. We’re only two episodes in, but the show does a nice job of starting with a slow burn and then really ratcheting up the terror in the last 15 minutes. It looks sharp, too. I don’t know if it can keep up this quality, but I’m hooked for now.

2. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

If you know me at all, this should come as no surprise. Despite a really embarrassing theme song (although it’s kinda growing on me), “Avengers” may be the best Marvel cartoon so far. To be fair, it’s not a high bar. Marvel doesn’t have a great track record in animation — not like DC.

The animation is decent and I like how they’re taking the original Avengers story and updating and tweaking it. Getting tired of waiting for Hawkeye to show up.

3. Nikita

I’ve been a fan of this franchise ever since I saw a trailer for the original French film, “La Femme Nikita” back at the Hi Pointe in 1990. It may have been the first subtitled movie I ever paid to see in a theater.

I saw the Americanized version, which wasn’t as good, and watched the first TV series for a while when it aired in the late ’90s. I’m not sure why they brought it back, but hey, I’m still a sucker for an attractive former assassin on the run who’s trying to bring down the secret organization that created her.

I almost gave up on the first episode because it was all so familiar but then they pulled a twist at the end that drew me back. Nikita is still trying to bring down Division, but this time she’s working with a mole. So now it’s an attractive assassin-on-the-run and her attractive protege-on-the-inside. Double the fun. I’m still not sure how they’re able to communicate with each other. You’d think Division would have better security on their computers.


While we’re wrapping up the TV talk for a while, I should say a few words about the return of Conan O’Brien to the talk show circus. Like most people I didn’t bother watching Conan until he got screwed by NBC, and I did enjoy those final weeks. But now he’s up against “The Daily Show/Colbert Report” and that’s a whole new ball game.

Watched the first episode. Enjoyed the opening bit and the monologue. Then it turned into a talk show and I lost interest. Meant to tape last night’s show but I forgot. I didn’t see enough in that first episode to make taping it a requirement. Since it’s on at 10 p.m. I might watch the opening segment before bed if I think of it. Maybe I’ll tape it on the weeks Stewart/Colbert are on vacation so I don’t have to watch the morning news shows on those days.

I’m a little annoyed that he’s named the show “Conan” because every time I see it on the listings I think it’s something else. See, when I see the word “Conan” I don’t think of tall, lanky, red-headed comedian. I think Barbarian. Sorry, Mr. O’Brien, but you haven’t achieved icon status yet, so you might want to rethink that title.



2 responses to “The Pointless, Worthless List for 11.11.10

  1. Actually, they do give a blog to any stooge with a computer, but you are not a stooge.

  2. Is it a coincidence that you mention Conan the Barbarian and Dino De Laurentiis dies?

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