The Pointless, Worthless List for 12.02.10

Top 3 Shopping Malls in St. Louis

1. Mid Rivers Mall, St. Peters

Pros: Borders Books and Music; The Diner; Hot Topic; Qdoba; Neutral Zone; Slackers; Spencer Gifts; Toys R Us Express; Movie Theater; THREE pretzel shops; Victoria’s Secret AND Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Cons: Sometimes there are people at the bottom of the escalators with clipboards waiting to harass you.

Summary: It’s a close call for the top spot between MRM and The Mills. Both are more nerd-friendly than most malls. You can buy comics and graphic novels at Borders and Slackers, but Borders appears to be phasing out new comics. The Diner makes a good gyro, so that’s big points. It’s the easiest mall to find a parking place at. Neutral Zone specializes in action figures — how they stay in business I will never know.

2. St. Louis Mills, Hazelwood

Pros: Animagination; Books A Million; Cabela’s; Chevy’s; Hot Topic; Johnny Rockets; Popeye’s Chicken (warning: service is usually slow); Slackers; Spencer Gifts; St. Louis Airbrush and Design (they have some nice custom superhero shirts);  Toys R Us Express; Movie theater; Glow in the Dark Putt-Putt and Arcade.

Cons: People with clipboards next to Books A Million; NO ESCALATORS.

Summary: Books A Million has the best comic book/graphic novel selection you’ll find in a mall. Animagination also sells comics and other nerd stuff. Cabela’s has a nice fish tank and alligator turtles (but they rarely move).

While store-for-store it’s probably better than Mid Rivers, it is huge and all one level and there are NO ESCALATORS. I rely on escalators to keep up with my son. He loves to ride them and he’ll stop at them and wait for me. And hey, escalator rides = cheap entertainment.

Did I ever tell you about the time I almost died at The Mills? My son took off walking at his usual pace (5 times my pace) and the place was crowded and I lost sight of him and had to start running to try to catch up and, well, I don’t run, so I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Fortunately, he always knows to stop at the book store so I eventually caught up. But for almost killing me, I cannot give The Mills the top spot.

3. West County Center, Des Peres

Pros: Apple Store; Barnes and Noble; CHICK FIL A; Hot Topic; Spencer Gifts.

Cons: Parking is a pain.

Summary: West County is the only mall with a Chick-Fil-A in the food court (and one of the few in the area) which overcomes its parking issues and lack of nerd stores and a movie theater.


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