On Stage: Cirque Dreams Holidaze

I don’t attend much theater in December.

I have no interest in “The Nutcracker” and every year I dread writing the inevitable preview article for somebody’s production of “A Christmas Carol.” (Lindenwood does it every year. The Fox brings in a traveling production every year. The Young People’s Theater does it every couple of years. Find Another Holiday Tradition, People.)

But this year I got an invitation to something called “Cirque Dreams: Holidaze.” I’ve never heard of this before. Turns out it’s a holiday-themed show featuring circus acts.

Gingerbread men get acrobatic in a scene from "Cirque Dreams Holidaze." Photo by Carol Rosegg courtesy of Cirque Productions.

Now that’s Christmas. Who needs gold, frankincense and myrrh when you can have reindeer twirling in a hoop in midair, acrobatic gingerbread men and a toy solider doing tricks on a wire?

At least it’s something different.

The show features 30 performers from about a dozen countries. I would name some of them but I don’t want to play favorites. Plus it would break my spellcheck.

They’re brought together in a colorful, high-energy spectacle wearing wild costumes and performing even wilder acts.

There’s no plot — at least none that I could see. An ice queen,  an angel and a Dickensian character serve as singing ringmasters while the talent tumbles and contorts and swirls and swings and jumps rope. Members of the audience are brought in for an amusing bell-ringing segment.

The music is a mix of holiday classics and original songs. The singers are fine, the costumes are imaginative, the set sparkles with light and color and the performers are amazing. It all wraps up with an aerial ballet performed to “O Holy Night.”

I’d like to see Ebenezer Scrooge do that.

“Cirque Dreams Holidaze” runs through Dec. 29. http://www.fabulousfox.com


One response to “On Stage: Cirque Dreams Holidaze

  1. For the record, some years ago, Lindenwood tried to find a new holiday tradition and scheduled a different play for that slot in the schedule. An angry mob literally descended on the school with torches and pitchforks and executed the dean of fine and performing arts in the quad, so “A Christmas Carol” at Lindenwood continues.

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