More Than Slightly Off

It’s New Year’s Eve and I turn on the TV and I’m running through the guide and there on IFC is “The Heroic Trio,” that weird, wacky martial arts epic from 1993 starring Michelle Yeoh and Maggie Cheung. Haven’t seen that in some time.

I turn it on then go back to web surfing. I look up and there’s someone selling something. I don’t remember this being in “The Heroic Trio.” And the guy selling whatever it is doesn’t look Chinese at all. Is this a commercial? IFC doesn’t do commercials. Did I sit on the remote and change the channel?

I check the remote but no, I’m still on IFC. And they’re showing another commercial. The movie wasn’t over yet, was it? No, I check the time and it still has an hour to go. So, IFC is showing commercials now? How long has this been going on? If any movie channel should be commercial-free, shouldn’t it be the Independent Film Channel? Don’t snooty, independent film people hate commercials and all they stand for?

You know, this is exactly what ruined AMC. Remember when AMC didn’t interrupt movies with commercials? And remember when AMC showed American Movie Classics instead of just whatever lame movies they could come across? And remember when Music TeleVision showed music videos? And remember when the SCIenceFIction channel didn’t show pro wrestling (which may be fiction, but it’s hardly science fiction)?

I’m so old. Happy New Year.


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