What’s On Ronnie’s Calendar 2011, part the first

Happy New Year and welcome to the return of What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars, 2011 Edition. Thanks once again to Jan and the good people at Marvel Comics I can continue this segment with 12 new installments.

Iron Man

For two years now Marvel has been providing comic book shops with free calendars that can be given away to their customers. I like these calendars because (a) they’re free and (b) they come in the form of a comic book and they’re easy to keep in my end-table drawer and write in movie screenings and other appointments. It’s more practical than something you hang on a wall.

I didn’t use it in this segment last year because I already had two calendars to talk about and three just seemed like overkill. Anyway, first up is Iron Man, and I really don’t have anything new to say about Iron Man so let’s move on.

Rogue/Emma Frost

I’m sure you’re all as happy as I am to see that I received the 2011 Women of Marvel Calendar. There are a few unexpected ladies in this year’s crop, which is good as it gives me something new to talk about.

Sadly, the January offering is the X-Men’s resident slut, Emma Frost aka the White Queen (although I don’t think anyone calls her that anymore). Of all the characters they had to bring back this year, why Emma? I don’t even understand the perspective on this image. You know, this is the second Women of Marvel calendar and they have yet to dedicate a month to the First Woman of Marvel — Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman. Why is that? Is it because she wears clothes?

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about Emma so we’ll move on to another character who’s been kinda cheated: Rogue. This popular X-Woman didn’t make the cut last year and this year she’s forced to slum it in that 4-month stupidity at the front of the calendar. Let’s talk about that for a moment.

I don’t know when it started but some time back the calendar industry decided they could start selling calendars earlier in the year if they started boasting them as “16-Month Calendars.” But instead of giving you an actual 16 months of calendar images, they give you the same standard 12 but in front of it they stick one page with 4 months on it — Sept.-Dec. — like that’s supposed to count for something.

Now, who buys a calendar in September and puts it up and leaves it there with the same image for four months? No one, I’m guessing. Most people give and receive calendars as Christmas gifts, and everyone else goes in and buys them after Christmas when they’re 50 percent off. And obviously if you’re getting a calendar in December then having the previous four months on it is pointless. It’s a big scam and the calendar industry should be ashamed.

And Marvel should be more ashamed for sticking Rogue in that worthless position while once again giving Emma 31 days of her own. Hmm, if I fold over the picture of Emma I can use Rogue for January. Problem solved.


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