For the Record: …Featuring Norah Jones

Got this for Christmas (thanks, Jan) and I’ve listened to it enough by now that I’ve gone through the various stages one goes through in listening to a new CD (initial love/hate/indifference, grows on you, lose interest) that I guess I can comment on it.

“…Featuring” features 18 tracks of Norah Jones collaborating with other artists. There’s country artists, rappers, indy folk, jazz and it all melds together into nice, harmless pabulum.

What it does not do is rock. The closest this album comes to rockers is the Foo Fighters, and they chose to duet on a light, breezy ditty called “Virginia Moon.” But hey, it’s Norah. If you’re looking to rock out, look elsewhere.

My initial impression was that the album didn’t much register with me.  Like I said — light, harmless…something to listen to in the background; not something to listen to when you’re driving late at night and fighting back sleep. A good album to put on as you’re going to bed.

Over time the album has grown on me, as each song leaves its own stamp. It’s mostly cover songs of varying quality. My favorite would be “Loretta,” a live collaboration with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, followed by “Dear John,” a haunting duet with Ryan Adams.

The only song here that really causes my finger to go to the skip button is “Court and Spark,” a seven-minute free-form jazz exploration with Herbie Hancock. It’s the most experimental track on the album and it’s a failed experiment from my perspective.

Overall, if you’re a big Norah fan it’s worth adding to your collection. If you’re just a marginal fan your record collection won’t suffer without it.


One response to “For the Record: …Featuring Norah Jones

  1. I like the one with Q-tip.

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