Good News, Everyone!

It is being reported today that scientists in Japan are planning on cloning a Woolly Mammoth and claim they can do so within 5 years. Thank you, Japanese scientists. It’s about time someone stepped up.

I don’t understand the science of it, nor do I care. I just want my prehistoric animals returned to life. First we get the mammoth, then the mastodon, then the sabre-tooth tiger, then maybe a giant sloth. And once we’ve worked out all the kinks — Dinosaur Farm.

For now, I will be content and make my plans to move back to Cane Hill in five years to convert pa’s farm in to a Mammoth Farm. I’m sure he won’t mind.  Think how they will intimidate the neighbor cows.

I bet mammoth burgers are delicious.


One response to “Good News, Everyone!

  1. You plan to convert pa’s farm into a Mammoth Farm and you are sure he won’t mind? (Hmmm, yeah, good luck with that, bro.) The first thing I thought of was how much fun Hershey – that’s Randy & Brenda’s chocolate lab – would have running in the fields trying to herd them. And then I thought how interesting it would be if one of your wooly mammoths had twins – then rejected one – and you had to move one of them to the barn and bottle feed it twice a day like pa is doing with a calf right now. I guess Randy would meet you in the field and help load it onto the back of the pickup to move it to the barn. And then I thought about the goat farm Randy talked about converting the farm into several years ago. Sounds like you and he better have a talk since I’m not sure wooly mammoths and goats are compatible.

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