For the Record: New Pornographers – Together

Nephew 2 gave me a stack of CDs at Thanksgiving and I’m just now getting around to giving them a serious listen (I listen to my Christmas CDs for most of December — I gotta get some use out of them). So I figure I’ll spend the next few weeks going through the collection.

We start off with a longtime favorite here at the Report: The New Pornographers. I have to admit, the first few times I listened to their latest release I didn’t get into it. I thought it started out OK, but nothing grabbed me — I couldn’t even find the standard Neko Case standout tune. I began to despair that I had finally lost interest in the Canadian supergroup.

And then one day it just all clicked into place. Now, I consider “Together” to be one of the best New Pornographer albums out there. This is why you should never review CDs after the first listen.

I still think “Moves” is a good opener, but then you go directly to “Crash Years,” the first of two standouts spotlighting the distinctive vocals of Neko Case (the other being “My Shepherd”). I’m also quite fond of “Up in the Dark” and “Your Hands (Together).”

The album does lose seem to steam near the end, or at least I kinda lose interest. Overall, another nice collection of pop tunes from A.C. Newman and Co.  Not sure how I’d rank it against the rest of their catalogue, and I don’t feel like going back and listening to them all now for comparison. I have too much other stuff to listen to.


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