For the Record: Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

Continuing my trek through Nephew 2’s music collection, we come to “Infinite Arms,” the latest from Band of Horses — a group I’ve never heard of before.

They’re not bad. It took a couple of listens, but I’ve reached the point where I enjoy it. It’s alt rock with a bit of country. Nothing too heavy, there’s a mellow, dream-like quality to a lot of their music. Pleasant stuff, but not something to listen to when you want to rock out or stay awake while driving.

The standout track for me has to be “Older,” with its nice melding of voices and upbeat country twang. I also enjoy “NW Apt.,” which is as close as the Horses come to rocking out. “Complements” and “Laredo” also kinda rock. Heck, they’re all decent songs. Nothing made me reach for the skip button.

I understand this album is nominated for a Grammy, for all the good that is. I wish them luck, it’s the only album in its field that I’ve heard and liked (although it looks like one or two others are in my to-be-listened-to pile) and therefore it gets my vote.


One response to “For the Record: Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

  1. Listen to Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend before you decide, both are better. Did you see how Stephen Colbert made his Grammy decision?—grammy-vote—dan-auerbach–patrick-carney—ezra-koenig

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