For the Record: Vampire Weekend – Contra

This is the second Vampire Weekend disc I have been subjected to. I understand they’ve only made two, so I guess I’m as up to date on them as possible.

I’ve tried, but I really don’t get into this band. A big part of the problem, I must admit, is the name. Vampire Weekend isn’t the name of a band, it’s the name of a TV show on the CW — full of hot, young actors playing vampires and the humans who love them. And I’m sick of that crap, to be honest.

Still, you shouldn’t judge a band by its name, so I spent the better part of the past two weeks listening to “Contra.” It’s perfectly acceptable alt-pop. I like the opening tune “Horchata” and there’s no denying the peppy fun of “Holiday.” There’s not a particularly bad song on the album.  A few songs sound like outtakes from Paul Simon’s “Graceland” era. Sometimes they sound like Belle and Sebastian.

I don’t know what the problem is. It’s all very uptempo and pleasant. Maybe if I gave it another week it would grow on me, but I’ve got too much other material to cover. I would still vote for Band of Horses over this.


One response to “For the Record: Vampire Weekend – Contra

  1. That is possibly the most unimaginative cover of a CD I’ve ever seen. It’s the CD cover equivalent of the Rural King logo.

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