On Trivia Night and Super Sunday

My weekend began Friday with the annual Trivia Night extravaganza to benefit the Center for Autism Education. It’s the only thing the EC takes seriously besides the EC Holiday Dinner, and I’m not sure why, ’cause we’re not that smart.

In the beginning we had two teams, Team Carrie Trent and Team Carrie Spalding, which lead to the competition I referred to as Carrie vs. Carrie. A few years later we added a third team because someone on Team Trent was absent one year and we had to pull in Stevie for a substitute and then she wanted to play permanently so she put together her own team the following year.

Last year Team Spalding was AWOL but this year they returned. Stevie had no trouble getting her band back together but, as always, there were issues with Team Trent. Each team has a maximum 8-person roster and every year, we end up with a different 8 people. Someone always has to bail so we have to find someone else…I think everyone in St. Charles has played on our team over the years.

I thought we had our standard team set up — Rachie, Jeff, Yellow, Tim, Trent, Paul, Erica and Me — then at the last minute Trent informs us that she’ll be out of town for work and Paul will be entertaining his folks who were coming in from out of town for the Super Bowl party on Sunday.

Erica and I made the usual calls but the usual suspects weren’t available. We decided we were trivial enough to get by with 6 people, especially since we always have our ace-in-the-hole to bail us out of tough questions. Our ace, of course, is The Wife. She never plays on a team because she’s too busy selling raffle tickets, but we rope her in whenever we’re stumped. Provided we can get her attention — not always an easy task.

But then the day of the event the school calls to inform us that The Wife has been promoted from raffle ticket salesman to judge. We can’t use her if she’s working as a judge! Doomed. We’re doomed.

The game began promptly at 7 p.m. Usually that means my team shows up around 7:15, but Erica mistakenly thought the game began at 6:30, so she showed up at 6:45. With Rachie and Jeff in place, the only latecomers were Yellow and Tim.

They had a new questioner this year and the questions were much harder. This was not a good thing. On the other hand, once you establish early on that you have no chance to win, it takes a lot of the pressure off. Instead we enjoyed the snacks and some of the gang did win some raffle baskets so that was nice.

Once again the school exploited The Son’s artistic talents but didn’t make as much cash off him as in the past. I blame the recession. They made $40 off an umbrella he painted and $110 off a canvas he painted. I still haven’t made a dime off the kid.

Sunday was the annual Super Bowl Party at Carrie and Paul’s place. You may recall last year we got hopelessly lost trying to find it due to bogus directions from Google Maps. Once again Google told us to get off on a road that doesn’t exist but this time we knew better so we made our way there without incident.

On the way there I asked The Wife who was playing. Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Hmm. Who to root for? I went with Pittsburgh, because we went there a couple years ago for LawyerCon and I was impressed by the city’s love of dinosaurs. They had a really nice display at the Carnegie Museum. Plus, they had a comic book shop within walking distance of our hotel where I got a Hawkeye figurine. It was the Best LawyerCon Ever.

Naturally, they began to lose immediately. It was just as well since most of the crowd was for Green Bay. The snacks were delicious, which of course is the main reason for going to these things.





2 responses to “On Trivia Night and Super Sunday

  1. Your friendly neighborhood Dave

    If you ever need additional Trivia players again, we’re usually available. (Unless we’re playing Trivia somewhere else)

  2. Argh! We should have called you! Dave, do you and Gina know a lot about sports? Dave might have been able to help out with the Ironman movie question. Ronnie, your team will never let you live that one down……

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