What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars 2011: March edition

We’re back for part three of our 12-part series, “What’s on Ronnie’s Calendars.” You may think it’s silly, but it remains one of the more popular features around here.

The Avengers

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take the stage in my freebie Marvel calendar. “The Avengers” was my first Marvel comic and remains the longest run of any title in my collection (I did stop buying it for a while after they killed Hawkeye, but then they brought him back so all is forgiven).

You may be wondering why the Hulk is red. He’s not. That’s not the real, green HULK. That’s the Red Hulk, aka Rulk. I’ll explain all this in December.

The Avengers have more members than the cast of “The Simpsons,” so going through them all is not going to happen. Pictured with Red Hulk are founding members Iron Man and Thor, along with relative newbie Spider-Woman. Apparently there wasn’t room in the picture for fellow current Avengers Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hawkeye, the Protector and Captain America.


Hmm, you know, so far every month on the Women of Marvel calendar has featured one of the X-Women. This time it’s the very popular Ororo Iqadi T’Challa, née Munroe.

Last week someone pointed out that Polaris should have been the March calendar girl since she’s all about the color green. Now we’ve got Ororo, who probably would’ve been better suited for Black History Month. How hard is it to think these things through, calendar-makers?

Storm was on last year’s calendar so I don’t have much to add to her bio that I didn’t touch on last time. She still married to the Black Panther and she still hangs out with the X-Men on occasion.





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