On Stage: STOMP

Some shows you get tired of and some you don’t. “STOMP” belongs in the latter category.

This high-energy combination of percussion, dance and comedy has been around since 1991 and has made multiple stops in St. Louis over the years. It’s playing at the Fox Theatre this weekend and comes highly recommended by me. This was my third go-round and the show is still as fun and exhilarating as ever.


photo by Junichi Takahashi


There are three things I love about STOMP:

1. It’s short, theatrically speaking. The show runs 90 minutes, making it the animated feature film of theater. And it’s a packed 90 minutes. There’s no fat, no boring love songs you have to sit through. Every sequence runs just long enough.

2. It’s nonstop energy. Even the slow bits aren’t that slow.

3. No intermission!

The show features 11 amazingly talented performers dancing, shouting, clapping, tossing objects and banging on everything from metal tubs to matchboxes. STOMP turns common objects into musical instruments, from newspapers to cigarette lighters to rubber tubing. Everything but the kitchen sink. Oh wait, they use that as well.

The choreography is incredible. The way these people can juggle paint cans and brooms while maintaining a percussive tune is amazing. In high school, I had enough trouble just marching in a straight line while drumming.

STOMP runs through Sunday. http://www.fabulousfox.com



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