The Pointless, Worthless List for 04.27.11

Top 10 Reasons There’s No PWL This Week

1. I forgot about it until just now.

2. I can’t think of a topic.

3. The dog ate it.

4. Busy getting ready for Thor Week next week.

5. It was blown away by the tornado

6. The Royal Wedding is in two days — who can make lists at a time like this?

7. Busy reading about Red Schoendienst. Did you know he is a former American Major League Baseball second baseman and manager and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame? Impressive.

8. Like me on Facebook! (Has nothing to do with the list, I just see that expression everywhere and have decided to make it part of my personal mantra.)

9. Whew, almost there.

10. Cease and desist order from Worldwide Pants.


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