Test Your Thorology

It’s Day Two of  Thor Week. Before we can go any further we must establish if you are worthy to continue. Thus, sharpen your No. 2 pencil and prepare to

Test Your Thorology

1. Thor’s hammer is made of:

(a) Uru (b) Ubu (c) Adamantium (d) Lead

2. Marvel Thor is blonde. Mythological Thor’s hair is:

(a) brown (b) red (c) black (d) gray (e) auburn

3. True/False: Thor is a founding member of the Justice League of America

4. Who of the following is NOT a member of the Warrior’s Three:

(a) Fandral the Dashing (b) Hogun the Grim (c) Balder the Brave (d) Volstagg the Voluminous

5. Who is the coolest member of the Warrior’s Three?

6. If you want to get to Norse Heaven, you gotta cross:

(a) The Rainbow Bridge (b) The Yellow Brick Road (c) The Highway to Hela (d) The River Styx

7. Movie Jane Foster is an astrophysicist. Marvel Jane Foster was originally a:

(a) schoolteacher (b) reporter (c) waitress (d) nurse

8. Marvel Thor made his comic book debut in:

(a) Tales of Suspense (b) The Brave and the Bold (c) Journey Into Mystery (d) Tales to Astonish

9. Why does Odin wear an eye-patch?

10. Who of the following is NOT an early Thor villain:

(a) Mister Hyde (b) Radioactive Man (c) The Shocker (d) Grey Gargoyle

11. Judgement day comes to all, even gods. The Norse time of reckoning is:

 (a) Armageddon (b) The Apocalypse (c) The Rapture (d) Ragnarok

12. How many Led Zeppelin song reference Thor/Norse mythology? (Bonus: Name them)

13.  Who would win in a fight: Superman or Thor?

14. Which day of the week is named after Thor?

(a) Monday (b) Wednesday (c) Friday (d) None of the above

15. Marvel Thor made his live-action television debut in the awful, awful made-for-TV movie:

(a) The Return of the Incredible Hulk (b) Hammer of the Gods (c) The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (d) Adventures in Babysitting

16. Thor’s horse-faced alien friend is:

(a) Beta Ray Bill (b) Fin Fang Foom (c) Man o’ War (d) Solomon Grundy

17. How does Thor fly?

18. Vikings who die in glorious battle do not go to Hel. They go to:

(a) Mount Olympus (b) Asgard (c) Valhalla (d) Niflheim

19. When The All-Father needs to recharge his batteries, he takes part in something called:

(a) Odinnap (b) Odinsleep (c) Odinvacation (d) Odinretreat

 20. Which of the followng has NOT been one of Thor’s secret identities:

(a) Jake Olson (b) Don Blake (c) Steve Rogers (d) Sigurd Jarlson

Tomorrow: The Answers


2 responses to “Test Your Thorology

  1. Just give me an F- now! I do not know my Thor.

  2. Say what now?

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