The Other Other Royal Wedding

By Special Correspondent Cindy Busby (Sister2)

After reading Rachel’s account of Melissa’s wedding, I was inspired to write a report of the other wedding Ronnie gave up Free Comic Book Day 2011 for  … that of our niece, Adrienne.  He briefly covered the wedding in his recent  “21 Things I Learned List,” but allow me to provide more detail on a few points he made:

A 15-passenger van cannot carry 15 passengers and their luggage. When I first came up with the brilliant idea of renting a van to transport 14 assorted grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to the wedding, I assumed our luggage would fit in the back, under seats, and in the one unoccupied seat.  I was wrong.  Family were advised ahead of time space was limited and there was a “one small bag per person” limit, but I did not take into account 6 year old twins and their pillow pets, backpacks, coloring books, Nintendo DSs, Where’s Waldo books, blankets, etc.  Looking over the luggage for 14, small cooler of soft drinks and large bag of snacks for the next 4.5 hours, we quickly saw we were in trouble.  Dad stepped forward and offered his car which, when loaded with all our luggage, must have weighed close to what the van weighed.  Josh then offered to drive the car taking dad, Norma and Kelly with him, which reduced the van’s load to ten.   In the van, we had Chuck driving, Ronnie riding shotgun, Randy & Brenda in the first row, Alyssa and Kyndell behind them, Kamryn and Cindy next, with Laura and Andrew in the back.  We pulled out of the driveway at 7:36 am, just 6 minutes behind schedule.

When you’re in a convoy – stay together.  With the van in the lead, we stayed together until Greenfield, 20 miles from home.  At that point, Chuck took the road taking us through Lockwood – birthplace of the Roy siblings – while Josh took the road that went through Miller.  An hour and a half later, we met up at the McDonalds over I-44 where we stopped for a quick break and caffeine for the drivers.  After loading up, the van pulled out, not realizing the car had stopped for gas.  As we approached the booming metropolis of Tulsa and increased traffic, we began to wonder where the rest of our two-vehicle convoy was.  Thank goodness for cell phones.

Cindy:  Josh, where are you guys?
Josh:  I don’t know.  We just paid another toll.
Cindy:  What other toll?  There has only been one toll since getting on the turnpike.
Josh:  Not us.  We just paid our 3rd toll.  The last two were 80 cents.
Cindy:  Yeah, right.  I know better than to believe a Roy.  Talk to you later.

15 minutes go by.  Still no sign of the car in our rearview mirror.

Cindy:  Kelly, where are you guys?
Kelly:   I’m not sure.   We’ve paid 3 tolls.
Cindy:  Oh my gosh.  Are you serious?  I thought Josh was joking.  This is bad.  Very bad.  I don’t know what road you’re on, but we only paid 1 toll so we obviously aren’t on the same road.
Kelly:  But I think we’re on I-44.
Cindy:  OK, then.  That is what you are supposed to be on.  Thanks.

Panic now sets in among some van folk.  Randy is worried dad is driving Josh crazy saying they are lost … Brenda is worried the car occupants will miss the wedding … I’m worried because all our clothes are in the trunk of the car.

5 minutes go by.

Cindy:  Kelly, if you are on I-44, what is the next road marker you see?  We just passed 154.
Kelly:   We just passed 147.
Cindy:  Hallelujah!  If Chuck slows down and Josh speeds up, you should catch up to us in a few minutes.
Kelly:   You want me to ask Josh to speed up?  You DO know that Grandpa is in the car with us, right?
Cindy:  Good point.

We later learned Josh took an exit that went around Tulsa while we barreled through the heart of the city.   (At no point on the return trip did the car and van lose sight of each other.)

The Roy children are very good travelers. True.  Not one time on the 4.5 hour trip did Kyndell or Kamryn ask “are we there yet?”  Andrew was an excellent traveler, too.

Toll roads are not OK, Oklahoma. 
Randy suggested we keep track of our toll receipts and present Sister1 (Mother of the Bride) with them upon our arrival at the church.  But we didn’t.

Chris will make a fine minister someday.  Chris (Brother of the Bride) performed a lovely wedding ceremony, his very first.  Upon proclaiming the beaming couple husband and wife, the usual follow-up is:  “You may now kiss the bride.”  Instead, Chris handed his Bible to Brock (the Groom), pulled a list from his pocket and began checking things off out loud:  “You may be seated-check .. initial remarks-check .. who gives this woman?-check … prayer-check … message-check … vows … rings … I do’s (you did) … sand ceremony …pronouncement … go over checklist …”   He then took his Bible back from the Groom and proceeded with the kissing part.

The Beatles can always be counted on for a good recessional.  We first experienced this in 2006 when Chris and Anna Jane marched out to “All you Need is Love.”  Brock and Adrienne exited to “Here Comes the Sun” … a fitting song for a perfect day.  At the reception, the Bride checks to be sure the Groom signs the marriage license, too.

Always go to the wedding that has enough food.  And shaved ice.  This wedding also had an awesome Groom’s cake in the shape of a volleyball, complete with graham cracker sand.  It was made by Pam Isenberg, good friend of the family and Cake Baker Extraordinaire.  (Watch out, Cake Boss, she could give you a run for your money.)

I still don’t get the appeal of the photo booth.  This was where wedding guests could have 4 small pictures taken.  You then created a scrapbook page with your strip of photos, sharing thoughts on the happy day for the Bride and Groom.  Props were provided, with popular ones being the pirate hat, feather boa  and light saber.

The wedding planner should plan on cleaning up after the reception.  Clean-up time is when we discovered 20 bottles of sparkling white grape juice in the fridge someone forgot to add to the punch.  (It was still delicious.)  This was also an opportunity to witness another thing Chris excelled at:  getting candle wax off carpet with a hot iron and piece of cardboard.  Alan and Anna Jane were a big help on clean-up duty, too.

Some things are worth missing Free Comic Book Day for.  Especially if someone gives you a Thor Lighting Strike Hammer to make up for it.   Happy Belated Birthday, Ronnie.  You are welcome.


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