The Pointless, Worthless List for 07.20.11

Top 10 Reasons Why Captain America
Is Greater Than Harry Potter

1. He’s American.

2. Harry Potter fights evil with a stick. Captain America fights evil with an indestructible shield that he can bounce off five bad guys before it comes back to him.

3. Harry won the Battle of Hogwarts (with help). Captain America won the Second World War (with help).

4. Harry’s teammates: Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Captain America’s teammates: The Mighty Avengers.

5. Steve Rogers went from scrawny teenager to super soldier. Harry Potter went from scrawny boy to…scrawny teenager.

6. Captain America doesn’t need “magic” to kick ass.

7. Harry Potter needs glasses.

8. Captain America has Thor on speed-dial.

9. Nazis — much more evil than Voldemort.

10. Box office is not an accurate measurement of greatness.



One response to “The Pointless, Worthless List for 07.20.11

  1. Laura Leigh Rampey

    OK, just FYI. If you saw the publicity photos for “Equus,” you know Daniel is anything but scrawny. Anything but.

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