What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 082011

Welcome back to What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars, where it’s Ms. Marvel month for some reason.

New Avengers

My freebie Marvel Calendar has dedicated August to the New Avengers, which thrills me to no end, I assure you. I’m pretty sure I went into the history of the New Avengers at great length back in January when I was talking about the worst comic of 2010, so I’d rather not repeat myself.

For those of you who can’t be bothered to dig into the archives, short version: In the beginning were The Avengers. A few years ago Marvel wanted to make some noise so they canceled The Avengers and replaced it with New Avengers. There was nothing new about New Avengers except that they added some new characters, but that happens all the time in Avengers. However, this time those new characters were Spider-Man and Wolverine and so New Avengers was a big hit.

As you may be aware, Marvel is currently putting together an Avengers movie. Spider-Man and Wolverine cannot be in the Avengers movie because their movie fates are controlled by other studios. So the Avengers movie must feature The Real Avengers — Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, HULK, Hawkeye, Black Widow.

Never wanting to pass up a chance to make a buck, Marvel last year revamped the entire Avengers line, creating a new “The Avengers” book with The Real Avengers while still continuing with the New Avengers. With The Real Avengers back, the New Avengers really serve no purpose, but the book’s a big seller so who can blame Marvel for not canceling it?

Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers makes a return appearance in the Women of Marvel calendar. Not sure why, she hasn’t done anything of note this year. But at least she’s not an X-Woman.

Since her title was canceled Ms. M has mainly made her home in “New Avengers” although she has been showing up a lot lately in “The Avengers.” She’s been in the main title mainly to serve as Spider-Woman’s BFF and to try and talk Jessica out of getting involved with Hawkeye.

I think she’s just jealous.


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