Your 2011 RROY REPORT Idol

While you’re reading this I’m probably sitting on a beach in Annapolis, Maryland, or whatever it is one does in Annapolis, Maryland. Most likely I’m in my hotel room watching HBO, assuming I have it.

That’s right, it’s the first week of August again, which means The Roys are attending the 34th Annual National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks — better known around these parts as LawyerCon. Five solid days of eating, drinking, partying, drinking and eating with lawyers. There are also classes, but The Son and I skip that part. There’s no pool at the hotel so there better be free HBO.

It is a tradition here that while I am gone to LawyerCon some lucky reader takes my place. In the past I just begged someone until they broke, then a few years ago I figured I’d put the decision on other people’s laps and thus was born RROY REPORT Idol. (I’m pretty sure this is all in the FAQ if you need more details)

technicolor me -- aaron defenbaugh

So, with the votes all counted and certified, please give a warm RROY REPORT welcome to this year’s Idol: Aaron Defenbaugh of St. Louis, Missouri.

Aaron is a talented musician and — as you can see — artist. He’s also married to Jami Cales of West Pod fame, which is how I got to know him. He also makes a really good sandwich.

I’m sure Aaron will do a fine job — his campaign speech was hilarious. Please be kind in the comments section.

But not too kind. I would like this job back when I return home. It’s all I have.


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