Have You Seen This Man?

From 2011 RROY REPORT Idol Winner … Aaron Defenbaugh

During an effort to compose another strong post for theme week, I realized I was running short on material. I needed inspiration, which meant I needed Ronnie. 

So I went to Ronnie’s.

Finding him proved harder than I imagined. I thought I’d flash a picture and ask around, but I didn’t have a recent photo. I improvised.

My first thought was to question people who looked like they were part of Ronnie’s crowd.

No luck there. I thought to myself, “Where would a well-fed, middle-aged, balding man head to first?” And then the Milk Duds caught my eye.

The young clerk replied, “That guy looks familiar! Didn’t he rescue my cat from a burning tree?” He told me I might try my luck in the arcade.

I was growing weary of everyone’s ignorance. How hard can it be to find Ronnie at Ronnie’s? So I turned to the one person who seemed to have it all together.

Looks like my week-long run will end here. The people at Ronnie’s only led to dead ends, and that sign on the front door is full of s#@t.


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