LawyerCon 2011:The Agony and No Ecstasy I


Part the First: In Which Things Aren’t All That Bad

In previous installments we established that the finest of all LawyerCons took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shocking, I know, but they had an awesome dinosaur display at the Carnegie Museum and dinosaurs everywhere and I got to visit not one, but two, comic book shops and I found a rare Hawkeye figurine at one. Beat that, Key West.

I can now, sadly, report to you the flipside of that. Because LawyerCon 2011 was the Worst. LawyerCon. Ever.

Oh, but don’t blame the lovely city of Annapolis, Maryland. From what little time I spent out and about it was a very nice place. I’m sure the food was delicious. The comic book shop was adequate and within walking distance of the hotel. The Naval Academy seemed nice, from what little I saw of it. I wouldn’t mind going back some day, preferably not in August.

Nay, the problem lie not with Annapolis. The problem lie within myself.

You see, a few weeks prior to our trip I stopped eating. I blamed it on an unending heatwave and various stresses in life, and didn’t worry much about it. Lord knows, if you’ve seen any drawings of me, I could stand to lose some weight. At the badgering of friends I agreed to see a doctor, but couldn’t get in until after the trip. No big deal. Besides, my appetite had started to come back a bit.

Onward, to Annapolis.

FRIDAY: We had to go in a day early this year because The Wife was on the National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks Executive Committee (Not to be confused with the real Executive Committee). I usually hate travel days but this one started off fine. It probably didn’t hurt that there was many a nun on our flight. Two of them sat behind us on the plane and as they were saying the rosary The Wife assured me that everything would be OK. Also, it was a direct flight which meant no chance of missing a connection and only one opportunity for the Horrible, Terrible Pain of Descent.

The plane left on time and arrived on time, the pain was familiar and I’ve learned to live with it. We didn’t have lunch so we shared the Southwest provided bag of cookies and peanuts as well as a bag of Chex Trail Mix. It is at times like this that I love how perfectly simpatico we are. The Son got the cookies, I got the peanuts, The Wife got the raisins and Chex cereal, the Son got the pretzels and chocolate bits.

We took the 45-minute drive to the Loews Hotel in downtown Annapolis. The bed was large and waiting for me. Free HBO. The Wife had signed us up for some executive rate that meant we could go to the lounge and use their computer with Internet access and included breakfast each morning and snacks and drinks throughout the day. The plan, because we’re frugal travelers, was to eat a late/large breakfast and skip lunch.

We checked it out and got some sodas and Quaker Granola Bars. The Son would eat many of them before the week was through.

It was now suppertime so we walked up the hill a short distance to Lemongrass, where we enjoyed a delicious meal of Thai food. I was eating pretty well at that point although I probably would have eaten more if I’d been up to normal.

After dinner we decided to walk down the hill to Chesapeake Bay. Have I mentioned how freaking hot it was that day? The heatwave had not yet broken and it was a long walk to the waterfront. But a pleasant one (Although not so pleasant going back, which was uphill all the way and no cooler). Main Street had many interesting eateries and shops — and did I mention a comic book shop? We didn’t stop that day as I figured I’d have plenty of opportunity in the days to come.

How naive I was.

NEXT: The Walking Tour From Hell


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