LawyerCon 2011: The Agony and No Ecstasy III

A RROY REPORT Special Report

Part the Third: A religious experience and a pleasure cruise

SUNDAY: Got up that morning and did something we had never done in our history of LawyerCon. We went to church.

St. Anne’s Church was founded in 1692 (I got that from Wikipedia, not the walking tour) and apparently Annapolis was built around it. As you walk from Loews Hotel to the Bay, halfway there this church stands in your way. Traffic circles around it. The streets run diagonal to it. Even the state capitol is pushed off to its side. Seemed like a place deserving our pilgrimage.

St. Anne’s is an Episcopal Church. I’d never been to an Episcopal Church. It was nice. Very old school. I like that. I’m very old school when it comes to church. Hymnals! I love hymnals. If God intended man to use Powerpoint, he would have invented electricity much earlier. And hymns that are older than I am! I love hymns that are older than I am.

Of course, the pews were old and hard, but not everything about old school is good. The church was impressive, the choir was quite good, the service was well done. There was one part where some guy kept reading and reading about stuff that went too long. All in all, a decent religious experience.

That afternoon The Wife had a meeting so The Son and I hung out in the room a bit, tried to take a walk but it was too hot so it was a short walk. That night was the usual opening reception, auction and slide show highlighting last year’s con. We were promised a chocolate fountain and “heavy appetizers,” so we figured that would suit us for the night.

The chocolate fountain was spewing full force when we arrived so we got some strawberries, pretzels and marshmallows, but man cannot live on chocolate alone. Sadly, the appetizers were being served in that annoying way where staff walk around with plates and you have to wait for them to come over to you or you hunt them down and then you can only get 1 or 2 shrimp or whatever at a time. I hate that. Put the food out on a table, give me a plate and let me at it.

So we hit the bar, got our drinks, stood at a table and waited for the food. And waited. Occasionally someone would bring over some shrimp or some miniature crab cakes. The mini crab cakes were delicious. I could have eaten an entire tray of them, but of course it doesn’t work that way. As luck would have it, those few small crab cakes would be the only Maryland crab cakes I would have all week.

MONDAY: The Wife had class all day. The Son and I slept late and had a late breakfast. The breakfast spread was the same every day: Bacon  (nice and crispy), sausage, eggs, melons and breads of various kinds. The Son ate well, I did not. I like breakfast food but not in the morning. I’m not a morning eater.

That night was a boat cruise. Lawyers seem to like those. It seems like there’s one every year. This was a nice one. Some impressive houses on the shores of the bay. There was a decent spread of food on board, but by this time I had once again lost my appetite so I didn’t eat much. Despite that, it was a very pleasant night.

NEXT: A Supreme Reception


3 responses to “LawyerCon 2011: The Agony and No Ecstasy III

  1. Love the pic of Laura and Andrew!

  2. What a good looking son you have and such a beauty for a wife 🙂 For as much pain you are in at this point you are keeping a pretty positive attitude. I gotta respect that.

  3. Not only is that an AWESOME picture of Laura and Andrew, but bravo to the photographer who snapped it. Their expressions, the sunset, the water, the lighting …. beautiful. Was that you, Ronnie? Nice job! You could always pursue a career in photography if this journalism thing doesn’t work out. But don’t, please, because we like the things you write. Even when you are suffering and in excruciating pain you can make it seem funny. I’d say that’s a pretty good talent!

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