LawyerCon 2011: The Agony and No Ecstasy IV

A RROY REPORT Special Report

Part the Fourth: Here Come Da Judge

TUESDAY: Slept late and missed breakfast. It was worth it. Still didn’t feel like eating, which really sucked. Eating is one of the best parts of vacation. New foods in new places. So far the most exotic thing I’ve had is a chicken sandwich topped with crab dip.

The Son and I walked down the hill to McReynolds Tavern for lunch. It’s an old place but inside looked more like an English Tea place than what I was expecting of a tavern. I had the Cajun Shrimp Wrap, which sounded good — and probably was good — if I’d had the stomach to eat it. I did pull the shrimp out and eat. The Son ate all of his fish and chips, so the trip wasn’t a waste.

It was hot and I wasn’t feeling great, so we walked back to the hotel and got ready for the night’s Big Event, nay, the Big Event of the entire LawyerCon: Dinner at the Supreme Court with Special Guest Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Here’s something you may not know: The Supreme Court is a Big Deal to lawyers. Going to the Supreme Court to a lawyer is like going to San Diego ComicCon to normal people. I had to pack a suit. The Son had to pack a jacket and tie. I was warned repeatedly to be on my best behavior.

The bus ride from Annapolis to DC took about an hour, plus about another hour waiting at the gate for the bomb-sniffing dogs and other official types to make sure two busses full of lawyers wasn’t a security threat.

We walked up the big steps and everyone was taking pictures, then got in line to go in the side door. More security. Everyone crowded around in the hallway trying to get a glimpse of Justice Alito as he made his opening remarks. For lawyers, meeting a Supreme Court Justice is the biggest thing on Earth. It’s like meeting Stan Lee for normal people.

After a brief speech and a few questions, we adjourned upstairs for the reception. An interesting selection of very fru-fru appetizers awaited us. This time they were laid out on a nice spread so you could get a plate and stuff yourself. The way it should be. The Supreme Court knows how to throw a party. If only I’d had an appetite. I did end up eating a few itty-bitty ice cream sandwiches. Even if I had been feeling well, a lot of the food there was pretty exotic.

Justice Alito came in for a bit and The Wife decided she wanted her picture taken with him. It’s the kind of thing people do. We worked our way up and she had a nice chat and I was on my best behavior and snapped a shot. It was as if she’d got her picture taken with Santa Claus. There was a nice patio area outside with a fountain but it was too hot to hang out there for very long.

When the evening was done we were allowed to walk out the front door, which The Wife tells me is a great honor the likes of which few people get to partake. I felt very special. It was a good evening, although I wish I’d felt better, and The Wife had a great time. And that’s what it’s all about, really.

NEXT: I feel worse



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