I Guess I Should Say Something About The New DCU

I don’t pay much attention to DC Comics. I used to. Like many kids who grew up on Super Friends and the Adam West “Batman” show, DC was my first comic home. The first comics I read on a semi-regular basis were Batman, Justice League and The Brave and the Bold. (It wasn’t possible to read them on a regular basis due to the unreliable offerings of the spinner rack at Wood’s Grocery Store. Anyone who tells you things were better before comic book shops was probably not alive back then.)

But then, like many kids, I was lured away by Marvel. The art was better, the characters were more engaging, the stories were more interesting. Once I went Marvel, I only came back to DC when one of my favorite Marvel artists defected to the other camp. If George Perez is drawing Justice League or Teen Titans, I’m there. John Byrne even got me to reading Superman, but not for long. Today, my interest in a DC comic relies mainly on who’s drawing it.

Oh, sorry. I should stop now and clarify for my non-nerd readers. DC Comics publishes the adventures of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and all your Super Friends. Even though they’ve been around forever and are iconic and pop culture legends, no one really cares about the DC super heroes. Marvel made three super hero movies this summer, all hits. DC made one, a flop. DC can’t get a Wonder Woman TV series green-lit, not to mention a movie.

The only thing DC has going for it is Batman (and to a much lesser degree, Superman). Everybody loves Batman. If DC ever lost Batman, that would be the end of DC.

Perhaps realizing this, DC has taken the radical — some would say desperate — measure of canceling all their comic books and starting over.  Over the next few weeks the publisher will launch 52 titles all with shiny new No. 1’s on the cover. Nothing attracts a nerd like a No. 1.

The relaunch began this week with the first issue of Justice League. It’s written by Who Cares and drawn by JIM LEE (no relation to Stan). Lee is one of my favorite comic artists. He made a name for himself working for Marvel (of course), specifically on X-Men.

The issue was in shops Wednesday but I didn’t pick up a copy. I figure I’ll wait for the inevitable Absolute Edition, put it on the RROY REPORT Holiday Gift Drive, wait for someone to buy it for me, no one will, so I ‘ll buy it for my birthday and say it’s from The Son.

If you’re wondering what Cyborg from the Teen Titans is doing with the Justice League — you are not alone. Something to do with Affirmative Action, I think.

I did pick up the new issue of Uncanny X-Force yesterday and it was awesome. I’m very worried about how Warren is going to be redeemed after this story.

Anyway, DC has 51 more new comics coming your way if that interests you. I may pick up a few of the titles in trade paperback when they get around to collecting them, but there’s nothing out there that makes me want to own them in comic form. Archangel is about to take over the world and break Psylocke’s heart and Hawkeye is starting up a romance with Spider-Woman — how could I possibly care about what’s going on in the New DCU?

Oh, and if you don’t want to go near a comic book shop, DC is offering these new titles digitally. This is supposed to be a Big Deal but I’m old and don’t read comic books on a computer screen, so it means nothing to me. If you’re young or tech savvy, download away.



2 responses to “I Guess I Should Say Something About The New DCU

  1. What about G.I.Combat, Sgt. Rock and Unknown Soldier?

  2. I’m not sure if any of the war comics are coming back. Jonah Hex made the cut, for some reason.

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