TV Time: 2 Broke Girls, 2.5 Men, New Girl

“Hey when you get a second, stop looking at my boobs.”

These were the first words spoken by Kat Dennings’ character in the new sitcom “2 Broke Girls.” I spent the next 30 minutes (minus commercials) staring at Kat Dennings’ boobs. I’m sure I was not the only one. I’m sure that’s what the makers of “2 Broke Girls” were counting on. Genius strategy.

The only reason I was willing to check out this latest odd-couple situation comedy was Kat Dennings, because I admired her work in “Thor,” which is the only other time I recall seeing her. She was cute and funny and accomplished a rare acting feat — she was a comedy relief character that I didn’t hate. I don’t recall noticing her breasts in “Thor,” probably because she wore coats and large sweaters. Bad strategy.

Back to the show: Kat plays the street-wise, sarcastic, working-two-jobs-to-make-ends-meet Max. Max is the kind of smart-mouth waitress that you love on television but if you actually had her waiting on you you’d be demanding the boss fire her.

Caroline (Beth Behrs) is the poor little rich girl who has lost all her money and is now hiding out in the bad part of town that Max calls home. She gets a job at Max’s diner and Max takes her in.

It’s all very standard sitcommy stuff. The laugh track is overbearing, the sex jokes are overdone and there aren’t a lot of really funny moments. But it does have Kat Dennings and I still think she’s cute and amusing so I’ll hang in there for a while.

Two and a Half Men

Yes, I know this is not a new show but I’ve never watched “Two and a Half Men” so it’s new to me. While I’ll always respect Jon Cryer for his role as Duckie in “Pretty in Pink,” that’s not enough to get me to watch a show starring him. I wouldn’t watch anything solely for Charlie Sheen.

I do, however, kinda like Ashton Kutcher. He was arguably the second-best thing about “That ’70s Show” (the best thing — no argument — was Kurtwood Smith). And of course it was impossible to avoid all the drama that has unfolded in recent months over the show. So I watched out of curiosity.

So, I take it the premise of this show is that Charlie Sheen was an obnoxious rich dude and his dweeby brother and nephew were living with him? I guess I’ve heard of weaker ideas for a show. And hey, it’s lasted several years so somebody knows what they’re doing.

So Charlie’s dead and they’re selling the house and Ashton stumbles into it and decides to buy it and for some reason he’s going to keep Jon and the half-man, but I guess the explanation for that is coming next week.

Boy, there’s a lot of crude humor to this show — sex jokes and farting and naked Ashton. This is the top sitcom in America? These truly are dark times. Can’t say I really liked any of these people, either. I may stick around for part two, but I don’t know how much longer. Maybe Red Forman can move in next door.

New Girl

What on earth was that? That was the oddest half-hour I’ve watched on television that wasn’t associated with Adult Swim.

Once again I got sucked into watching a sitcom due to its lead actress — in this case Zooey Deschanel. Zooey plays Jess Day, a bubbly, eccentric young woman who breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in with three guys. None of them are pretending to be gay, so we’ve really moved up from the days of “Three’s Company.”

It appears the goal of this show is to be quirky. Quirky is good, quirky is better than the same old, same old. It’s certainly better than fart jokes.

But it really felt like this show was trying too hard. Oh, there were some laugh-out-loud moments, but mostly it felt like it wasn’t nearly as funny as it thinks it is.

And for a show that seemed to be going out of its way to be different, that ending was straight out of Sitcom 101. Singing in the restaurant? Really?

However, I think this show has the most potential of anything I’ve seen so far. If they can find the right balance of odd and funny, it could be really good. I won’t judge it on an uneven pilot episode and I’ll give it a few more weeks — mainly for Zooey.

UPDATE: I watched the second episode of “Ringer” last night and it is gone, gone, gone from my DVR’sSeries Record function. I knew it would get stupid, I just didn’t think it would get stupid so fast.

COMING UP: The Playboy Club, Person of Interest


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