What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars: 2011 Finale

Welcome to the final edition of the 2011 version of our 12-part series, What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars. Hard to believe the year has gone by, isn’t it? And good riddance.

Lady Bullseye

Because nothing can get you more in the holiday spirit that a lady assassin, the Women of Marvel calendar dedicated this month to a relatively new character, Lady Bullseye.

Lady B follows the longstanding tradition of creating female superheroes based on male superheroes — or in this case villains. Bullseye, you may recall if you were one of the few who caught the Ben Affleck “Daredevil” movie, is an assassin with uncanny aim and the ability to turn anything into a lethal weapon. Like all great comic book assassins, he’s unstoppable — unless his target is a superhero.

As for Lady Bullseye,  I don’t know anything about her. I just know that she’s shown up a few times in “Daredevil,” but I don’t read “Daredevil” and we’re in the middle of the really busy holiday season so I don’t have time to look her backstory up online. My guess is she’s also a deadly assassin who has yet to kill Daredevil and never will.


Isn’t this a lovely image to end the year on? I guess they picked it because red and green are the colors of Christmas. So what if it would scare the crap out of Santa Claus?

If you’re wondering why the traditionally all-green HULK is now half-red, well you haven’t been reading your Marvel Comics, have you? A few years back Marvel decided one HULK wasn’t enough, so they created a new Hulk. So as not to confuse people, the new Hulk was painted red. Lo, a Red Hulk was born.

Marvel dragged out the mystery of “Who is the Red Hulk?” for far too long — as is their way — and eventually revealed him to be none other than HULK’s arch nemesis: General Thunderbolt Ross. This was a terrible cheat for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that Ross is known for his bushy mustache and Red Hulk has no facial hair.

Red Hulk caused a lot of trouble when he first showed up but now he’s trying to make amends. He’s currently serving with the Avengers, and he’s already spent more time with the team than HULK ever did, and HULK is one of the group’s founders.


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