The Emperor’s Old Christmas Cards

I know some of you are wondering why you received a Christmas card from me from an 11-year-old Disney movie.

Let me explain.

The Wife is in charge of buying the Christmas cards. If I were doing it, I would buy something funny and she would find that sacrilegious, so I leave it up to her. I sign and address and mail out the ones to my family/friends and she does the same for her side. (I don’t see anything wrong with funny Christmas cards. My favorite card every year is the one sent by one of my old college roommates, because he always finds one that makes me laugh.)

A few years ago she started doing that thing that’s so popular with many — taking a photo and putting it on a postcard. I don’t mind it because it usually has our names already stamped on there so I don’t even have to sign it.

This year time slipped away and The Wife didn’t get around to ordering cards.  Normally I would just punt the whole thing, but this year it was vital that I have Christmas cards to send out because I was also going to use the occasion to send out Joelfest 2012 invitations and so kill two birds with one stone (not to mention save money on postage).

So I go digging around in the office and find two boxes of Christmas cards dating back to the pre-photo-card days. I’m sure we’d sent some of these out before but who would remember them? I start signing and addressing and folding the invites to stick inside. I get to the P’s in the address book when I run out of cards.

I don’t have that much more to go and I don’t want to have to go out and buy new ones at this late date, especially since the whole point of this endeavor has been to be as cheap as possible. So I go back and start digging around and find a box of Christmas cards from “The Emperor’s New Groove” that Disney had sent me back in 2000. What the heck? Susan won’t care.

Next year I promise to start from the back of the address book.

By the way, this year’s card from my old college roomie had a Norman Rockwell picture of Santa on the front spying on people and inside it said “At Christmas and always – wherever you look, may you find happiness!”

What’s up with that, Plegge? A Norman Rockwell Hallmark card? That’s not even remotely funny!

I hate it when holiday traditions are abandoned.


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