Why I Hate ‘Bridesmaids’

I finally got around to watching “Bridesmaids” over the holiday break. Despite all its box office success, critical acclaim and awards chatter, I wasn’t expecting much. The trailers didn’t impress me and I’m not  a big fan of crude, R-rated comedy.

Still, I try to go into these things with an open mind. After all, I’ve been surprised by these types of movies in the past. I didn’t have much hope for “The Hangover” or the “South Park” movie, and I found them both very entertaining. And hey, look at all that box office success, critical acclaim and awards talk — it must be great, right?

Well, while I wasn’t expecting much neither was I expecting to hate it.

A brief synopsis for the ‘Bridesmaids’-impaired: Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Lillian (Maya Rudolph) are BFF. Lillian is getting married, Annie is her maid of honor. Annie gets into a pointless competition with bridesmaid Helen (Rose Byrne) for Lillian’s affection. Wacky hijinks ensue.

Here’s my problem with “Bridesmaids” — I guess I’m supposed to feel sympathy for down-on-her-luck Annie and I’m supposed to be rooting for her, but I found Annie to be petty, unlikable, rude, obnoxious and did I mention petty and unlikable? Yes, Helen was too perfect and throwing her wealth around and making Annie look bad, but Annie was such a  pathetic sad sack it was impossible to care.

As for the rest of it — the other bridesmaids were various stereotypes going through the motions as they go from one uninspired bit to the next such as everyone getting food poisoning (thanks to Annie) and then getting sick while trying on dresses. I will never understand the appeal of toilet — or in this case sink — humor.

And the film goes not once, but twice, to the old “Slideshow Bob Hits His Face With A Rake Over and Over and Over and Over” school of comedy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In this instance it didn’t. The competing-toasts and the attempts-to-get-the-cop’s-attention bits went on long after they stopped being funny.

I could get past these minor comedy infractions but the heart of the problem is still Annie. In fact, the best part of the entire film is when bridesmaid Megan (Melissa McCarthy) goes to Annie’s house to beat some sense into her. How I was cheering her on. (McCarthy was certainly the film’s saving grace, along with Chris O’Dowd as Officer Nathan, Annie’s love interest. Run Away, Nathan! Run Far Away!)

And then, once Megan has tried to beat some sense into Annie, it’s for naught — despite a music montage that makes it appear otherwise. Helen shows up with news that Lillian has disappeared. Not only does Annie continue to be a jerk to Helen despite Helen’s apologies, but she doesn’t even figure out where her BFF has gone! Annie’s big moment to prove why she’s Lillian’s best friend, and she’s as clueless as Helen in locating the missing bride. Instead,  Annie harasses her love interest into finding Lillian.

Sigh. And people think this movie should get an Academy Award nomination.


6 responses to “Why I Hate ‘Bridesmaids’

  1. I couldn’t even finish watching the film, I hate it. So I came online and wondered if anyone else agreed with me (expecting none actually).
    I agree with what you have said. I couldn’t judge the film as I haven’t finished it, but from your post it seems that it doesn’t get any better in the second half…..

  2. Terrible movie…. Bad story, poor acting, and filled with lame stereotypical in your face toilet humor… I also came online to check if people agreed with me. I can’t believe this movie got an oscar nomination…. The world really is turning into that film “Idiocracy”

  3. Bridesmaids had a very bad message. I completely disagree on the film’s sense of humor. The comedy was pretty enjoyable and the acting was good. However, it’s a really bad message. The only thing you learn from the movie is everything is your fault. Yup. Because Annie caused the recession. Because she obviously forced her then-bakery aide boyfriend to leave her. She forced those people to draw on her store sign. No. Absolutely not. Sometimes shit happens and that’s it. The movie does teach people to get back on their feet, but the message is so poorly conveyed that it seems more like victim shamming than anything else.

  4. Finally, some sane comments!! I just saw this movie last night in Spain, dubbed into Spanish – with my spanish girlfriend. The only thing i managed to say to her, it was probably badly dubbed. But i would hate to be a pro spanish movie dubber, to have to act out this drivel into another language! The attention cop scene was so painful to watch, embarassing to have to wittness such lack of humour performed in such an exagerrated manner. Rotten tomatoes gives this movie 90%, there’s something about Mary 83%….the Hangover 79%, Anchorman 67% ….. so Bridesmaids is considered the better of these comedies…what is wrong with the world today?

  5. Oh, I am SOOO with you! I couldn’t finish the movie – the scene in the bridal shop was so horrendous and unfunny I had to turn the damn thing off. I can’t believe how much positive buzz this rotten egg got! NOTHING about this movie was funny. I didn’t even smile, let alone laugh. It was like a bad SNL skit that never ends. This is one of those times when I wonder what on earth other people see that I’m not seeing; the gags weren’t the least bit original, and the puke-and-shit stuff belongs in movies aimed at teenage boys. I found myself actually angry at the reviewers who said this was a good comedy; was everyone smoking crack that week? Jesus, what a disappointment. I’m just glad I didn’t keep watching in hopes that it would get better, because clearly, it doesn’t.

  6. This movie made the most blatant showing of socially acceptable misogyny I’ve ever witnessed, from the first scene which shows an unreasonably skinny woman fawning over an average dude and being humiliated by his dismissal of her. It literally encompasses every single insulting, degrading treatment of women possible all into the first 5 minutes of the movie. It wasn’t even offset by decent laughs. Terrible. The producers and viewers will be the same dolts who make 50 shades a box office smash. Women — stop being so masochistic!! Even the subtleties like how the love interests aren’t too good looking or skinny or muscular or rich… And the engagement rings are never drooled over… Because those are things that might make men feel bad if they couldn’t afford to buy a woman such a thing. We mustn’t make the men feel bad…. Sickening

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