Stevie’s Birthday Extravaganza, Part 1

Few people love their birthday like Stevie. She usually plans some elaborate celebration to honor the event. It’s probably a function of growing up in Lebanon, where there was nothing to do but mark the passage of time with  birthday parties.

Last year we went to some restaurant downtown followed by a late night crawling around some maze at City Museum in the dark (I passed on that last part. I’m all for a good meal, not so much for fun). This year she wanted two celebrations — dinner and a night of laser tag/mini golf/arcade games followed next weekend by a chili cook-off. At this rate some day we’ll be celebrating the Year of Stevie’s Birthday.

Oh well, she deserves it.

So it was that last night I wound up driving to Chesterfield Valley for dinner at the Fox and Hound. Despite the fact that we both live in St. Charles, home to many fine restaurants, Stevie insists on dragging me out of my comfort zone. It didn’t help that there was actual road work being performed at 6 p.m. on a Saturday night on Highway 40, snarling traffic on a road that is always busy without workers closing off lanes.  Sigh.

Still, we were only a few minutes late and arrived at the same time as Stevie. The Hibbs were waiting for us. We needed a table for 15 and we had not made reservations and it was 6 p.m. on a Saturday so I’m thinking we’re screwed but we were able to get immediate seating in a back room where we pulled together six small tables that nicely accommodated the entire group. Take that, LouEllen’s. Maybe we should have the ECHD there next year.

We were joined by Pokin, the Peines, the Finleys and some friends of Stevie’s whose names I don’t remember. The menu featured both chicken strips and fish and chips, so it was the perfect venue for feeding The Son. He had the fish and chips while The Wife ordered the Black Forest (Bavarian pretzel roll with turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard. Sounded delicious, aside from the tomato, and I was counting on her not being able to finish it so I could have some but that didn’t work out).

I was torn between my usual standby — the buffalo chicken ranch wrap — and the chipotle chicken wrap. I decided to be adventurous and went with the latter. It was tasty. The Son devoured his fish and chips so quickly that we wound up ordering some chicken strips to keep him occupied while the rest of us finished our meals. It’s amazing how much that kid can eat given how thin he is. We concluded the Fox and Hound is a pretty good place to eat — if only they would open one closer to home.

Pokin decided the birthday girl needed a drink, so he ordered for her the Kryptonite ‘Marg — a giant concoction made of Tequila, Cointreau, sour and pineapple juice, and Midori Melon Liqueur. Now, I didn’t think Kryptonite was supposed to be good for you — it’s certainly not good for Superman — but  Stevie seemed to enjoy it.

With dinner finished the party was scheduled to move down the road to Sports Fusion for an evening of fun and games. Since I am not into fun and games, we declined. And so ended our role in Stevie’s Birthday Extravaganza.

Until next weekend.


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