For the Record: Bon Iver

In addition to Adele, another artist I’d been reading a bit about at year’s end was Bon Iver. Once again, I had no idea who Bon Iver was (turns out it’s a band, not a person) but Nephew2 had given me a copy of the group’s self-titled album. It’s all the rage with the indie crowd and the music press, so I gave it a spin.

Sorry. I am not drinking the Kool-Aid this time. This is the most aimless, boring and somnambulistic music I’ve listened to that didn’t involve being in a dentist’s office and anesthesia.

According to the experts at Wikipedia, Bon Iver is a folk rock band formed in 2007 and fronted by Justin Vernon. “Bon Iver” is the band’s second album. Lovely album cover, don’t cha think?  Very peaceful, tranquil, maybe makes you sleepy. The music has the same effect.

“Bon Iver” didn’t work for me at all. And I feel that I gave it more than a chance. I first stuck it in my car’s CD player last month. I listened to 3 or 4 songs before I pulled it out to put in something to keep me awake. This album should come with a disclaimer: Do not operate heavy machinery when listening to “Bon Iver.

I tried several other times over the following weeks to listen to it. I thought maybe I wasn’t giving it a fair shake in the car so Sunday I broke down and brought it in the house and listened to it with the living room stereo (this actually worked wonders for Adele last week). But it didn’t help this time.

I don’t like the guy’s voice. The music all blends together. There wasn’t a single track that stood out. It’s very atmospheric and dull.

I’m sure it will win many Grammys.



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