Super Bowl Party Report Assemble!

We wrap up the ridiculously-busy-weekend-that-was with our annual trek to Lake Saint Louis for the Hibbs’ Super Bowl Party.

This is our third year in attendance. The first year we got hopelessly lost. The second year we only got a little lost. This year I decided to avoid that whole issue by making Stevie drive. She has a new car, after all, and has not let me ride in it.

The party was to start at 4 but the game was to start at 5 so we split the difference and left St. Charles at 4:30. No point in getting there too early, I’ve already spend the past two nights with this group of people, we’re bound to start getting on each others’ nerves at some point. Stevie did not get us lost, although I began to wonder.

There are only two reasons to go to a Super Bowl party : Food and friends. If I just wanted to watch the game, I’d stay home where there are no distractions. I didn’t much care about the game, but there was going to be a commercial promoting “The Avengers” movie and I wanted to catch that. I don’t care about the rest. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Super Bowl commercials are just commercials.  If you don’t catch them during the game, they will be airing ad nauseum over the next several months.

I remembered the camera but forgot to take pictures, so once again I'm forced to steal from FB. That's Carrie, Yellow and Yellow's adorable daughter. The Super Bowl is at stage right.

The food was good. Carrie’s famous guacamole dip was gone long before the first quarter ended. The friends were the same people I’d been hanging with since Friday, give or take a few. They had not got on my nerves yet but give them one more day and who knows?

Spent most of the first half talking and eating so didn’t see much of the game or the commercials. I did try to make everyone shush when  “The Avengers” trailer came on but it was over before they quieted down. A  30-second spot? Really, Marvel Studios?  Was it really your goal to be shown up by “Battleship?” I guess Disney felt it had to throw all its money behind the “John Carter” commercial. Admittedly, JC probably needs the push far more than the A Team.

Several people left by halftime so I sat down on the couch and caught the last half of the game. (I have little to say about the halftime show. Seen better, seen worse, didn’t watch most of it. I tuned out when they started spelling “L U V MADONNA!”) Pretty good game. Glad the New York team won, whichever one it was. I guess all the good commercials run in the first half since I wasn’t impressed by anything I saw in the second.

Got home and went online to watch The Avengers trailer again since I couldn’t hear it at the party and figured it would be on every nerd website. It was. Turned out there was an extended trailer online. Brilliant. Air the short, disappointing one in front of the largest TV audience of the year and put the good one where only dedicated nerds (who will already buy a ticket) will see it.

Dedicated nerds and you.


One response to “Super Bowl Party Report Assemble!

  1. Was a great night! Lesson learned, more avacadoes!

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