Gone: David Jones

Davy Jones was never my favorite Monkee. That would be Mike. He wasn’t my second-favorite Monkee, that would be Micky. I’m not even sure I liked him more than Peter. But even it he was my least-favorite Monkee, he was still a Monkee and I mourn his passing.

As far as the TV show went, Davy was fine. He was the cute one, he was the one who always got the girl, he was talented and funny and had good chemistry with the other Monks.

But musically, his songs were always the most bubblegum of the bunch and he had about a 50/50 success rate between his songs and my ears. He was more Broadway than Rock and Roll, and specialized in sappy love songs.

His nadir, and possibly The Monkees’ nadir, was “The Day We Fall in Love” from the band’s second album. He doesn’t sing it, he breathlessly speaks such inane lyrics as “They’ll be rainbows reaching ‘cross the sky/And we’ll both be so happy we’ll cry.” Oh, how I hate that song. I’d much rather listen to Peter’s out-of-tune warbling.

He also marred the near-perfect “Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.” album with his song “Hard to Believe.” In his defense, it should be noted that the album also featured three of Jones’ strongest tunes — “Cuddly Toy,” “Star Collector” and “She Hangs Out.”

Of course, for most people (but not me) The Monkees were more about the TV show than the music, and he was certainly a vital part of that equation. Even now I’m remembering how his eyes would always sparkle when he’d encounter a young woman (the girl’s eyes would sparkle in response, naturally).

And of course, we’ll always have “Daydream Believer.”


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