What’s On Ronnie’s Calendars 032012

Well, we’re now three months into the last year on Earth. So far, so good.


Marvel’s big story line for 2012 is “Avengers vs. X-Men,” a groundbreaking idea that they’ve done twice before by my reckoning. But hey, it’s 21st Century Comics, so this time it’s not going to be a measly 2-issue crossover or a 4-issue miniseries. No, this thing is going to run 6 months over 500 comics. (I’m only slightly exaggerating that last part).

To make sure we don’t forget, my freebie Marvel calendar has dedicated both this month and next to the story. This image is from the zero issue of “AvX.” Yes, comics actually publish issues numbered zero. Pictured are Avengers stalwart Scarlet Witch and X-Men newbie Hope. I’ll probably be doing a Scarlet Witch month later in the year so I’ll talk about her then. I can’t stand Hope so I that’s all I care to say about her.


It’s March, when everyone’s a little bit Irish, so in the unofficial RROY REPORT version of the Women of Marvel calendar, I’m dedicating this month to Irish X-Woman Siryn.

Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy is the daughter of Sean Cassidy, the X-Man known as Banshee. Like her father, Theresa has the mutant ability to create devastating shock waves when she screams. She can also use them to propel herself in flight somehow.

Banshee did not know he had a daughter, and she was secretly raised by his cousin, who was also coincidentally his arch-enemy. Eventually things were straightened out and Siryn wound up in the X-Men splinter group X-Force for several years. She’s currently a member of the X-Men splinter group X-Factor.

Banshee “died” a few years ago and I’ve read that Theresa has since taken up her father’s code-name. I don’t read X-Factor so I’ll assume that’s true.


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