All Adele, All The Time

Five months ago I didn’t know who Adele was. Now she’s my favorite entertainer.

It’s not because I love her albums, I think they’re OK. It’s not her powerful voice or her moving lyrics. No, I now love Adele because she’s driving traffic to The Report like crazy.

Typically, The Report draws around 100-150 hits a day. Small potatoes, I know, but I don’t post every day and I don’t promote it at all, other than on Facebook, and I hardly have enough FB friends for that to matter. And yes, I’m sure if you’re my Facebook friend you’re tired of my constant posting of blog updates in my news feed. Well, I’m tired of your baby photos and adorable child anecdotes and links to videos and articles you find amusing, so we’re even.

Last Saturday my hit count jumped to 214, unusual but not unheard of. The next day it was 322. Highly unusual. It dipped back to the 200s on Monday but then jumped to 378 on Tuesday, 392 Wednesday, 384 Thursday and a record-breaking 439 on Friday.

Wha? Granted I did do a calendar update on Sunday but they’ve never been that popular.  The only other thing I posted was something about improv, and I can’t believe there are that many improv fans out there. So I checked closer:

Top Posts (the past week)
For the Record: Adele — 21

You’ve got to be kidding me. I wrote that in January. The album was released a year earlier in Europe and February 2011 in the U.S. I am probably the last person alive to write a review of it.

This is why I blog. I resisted blogging for a long time because I was a serious journalist and bloggers are just poseurs. But then I lost my serious journalist license and, well, here I am. But that’s OK. When you write for a newspaper you have one shot at someone seeing your work and then it’s off to the microfiche at the local library, never to be read again.

But now — I am immortal. At least until the Internet is no more. People can access The Report anytime, anywhere and it’s all there. And I know you’re there, looking at it. I never cease to be amazed at the crap I write that people check out — even months and years after it was written.

Anyway, I’m now addicted to getting more hits, so I’ve decide The RROY REPORT is going to be All Adele, All The Time.

Isn’t she lovely? And such a gifted singer. And her songs — oh how moving, oh how touching. Shouldn’t she have a new album out by now? Where is it? I can’t wait to review it!

Wait. I was just looking through my collection and it turns out I have a copy of  “Adele 19” that I never got around to reviewing. What was I thinking? Stay tuned next week for my better-late-than-never review of “Adele 19.”

And here’s a video to enjoy while you’re waiting.



2 responses to “All Adele, All The Time

  1. ’19’ is good but not as awesome as ’21’. I think ‘Chasing Pavement’ was the only song I ever heard played from it.

  2. Hmmm? Guess I better write an article about her for my blog!

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