Fun With Statistics

Yesterday marked a milestone in RROY REPORT history — the blog crossed the 100,000 hits mark. That’s small potatoes in the big picture of the World Wide Web, but it’s really quite a milestone when you consider:

a) I only have a dozen friends, tops;

b) Most of them don’t read the Report;

c) There are thousands of other places you can go for your comic book/dinosaur/movie review fix.

When looked at from that perspective, 100,000 hits is pretty impressive.

So, to mark the occasion, have some cake:


And enjoy the following bits of RROY REPORT Trivia. If there’s ever a RROY REPORT category at your local trivia night, you will be golden.

* The busiest day in Report history was Sunday, April 29, 2012, the first day of Avengers Week. It logged 587 views that day.

* The Report is most popular in the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, France and Poland.  The Report has been visited by lost souls in 77 countries.

* Countries least interested in The Report are Jordan, United Republic of Tanzania, Norway, Madagascar and Estonia — all with only 1 visit per country.  I’m a little hurt that I’m viewed so lowly by Norway.

* The No. 1 search term that has led people to The Report? Emma Frost. Followed by Avengers, Adele 21, Thor, Looney Tunes, Luna Lovegood, Black Cat Marvel, War Horse Movie, Goblin Queen and Obi Wan Kenobi.

* Darren M. is the most frequent commentator on the report. Ironic given that Darren emailed me a few days ago complaining that he couldn’t access the comments section. Stevie comes in second followed by Chris D.

* My personal Facebook page has 164 friends. The Report’s Facebook page has 89 likes — 52 are crossovers with my personal friends. I don’t know what to make of my other 112 friends.

* Post with the most hits: What’s On Ronnie’s Calendar 2011, part the first (starring, you guessed it, Emma Frost).



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